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Runs of pvcs?


I've had tests done and my heart is over all healthy but I've always had pvc's every once in a while. I'm in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and lately I'm having runs of pvc's. I'll get them every other heart beat for about 15 minutes and then they'll eventually die out. What could this be? Why am I getting them in runs all of a sudden? I'm not even sure if they are pvc's. They never showed up on the 24 hour monitor but I do feel a pause in my pulse and skipped beats in my chest. Can someone help? :(

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Hi Lindsey ,

I had these when I was pregnant they were that constant that I was put on abeta blocker which did help . I had a healthy little girl . How’s know one . I did have heart problems before I was pregnant heat palpitations . Hormones can cause lots of problems .

All the best .

How was it coming off the beta blocker after Pregnancy? I'm on metoprolol for the rest of my pregnancy. I do want to come off after the baby is born. I'm just scared of withdrawal..

I came off them for a month or two so I could breast feed , unfortunately I had to go onto a different beta blocker as it takes time for your hormones to settle . My excopics have been awful due ablation in a couple of months .

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