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Repeat ablations?


I am a 47 year old female. I had my first ablation in 2009 for SVT. It worked for about 6 years, before coming back. I had my second ablation in November 2017. Two weeks after the procedure it came back. Then a month later I got VERY sick and nearly died. (No joke), I had two bleeding ulcers, which triggered entire internal inflammation which caused fluid to fill up around my right lung. They may not be related, but I’m thinking my body was weak trying to heal from the procedure. Now my heart specialist wants to have another specialist from Oklahoma to come assist on another procedure to try and fix my heart and I’m petrified to say the least. Has anyone ever had the ablation where they go in through both leg arteries and the neck, and they have to fully intabate so they can stop my breathing and my heart in order to do the procedure? I have scheduled an appointment to speak with someone (therapist) to help me come to a place where I can even make a decision about this, but time is a factor as the Dr. coming is the one who pioneered this procedure and he’s pretty old, is retired but still assists these. Not to mention my $4000 deductible has been met for this year, but that is also a factor unfortunately.

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Is your AF so bad that you need to go through with this procedure?


I have SVT, which is different than AF. It isn’t at a point where I cannot handle it. Like my heart specialist has told me, I’m young and healthy enough now for my heart to handle it. That tells me that as I get older it won’t be very tolerable and being older will make it more difficult to get through the procedure and heal from it.

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