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Constant Ectopic beats! Please help!

Okay so heres my story, it all started when i was 18 (4 years ago)...i will admit that i had been high from weed at the time...So i was playing cards with a friend when all of a sudden out of nowhere i became extremely light headed, had tunnel vision and felt absolutely awful! I wrote it off as being too high and decided to go and sleep it off...ever since that day i have felt the same 90% of the time, constantly dizzy, head fog, pressure in my head, and the occasional eptopic (felt like a huge sinking feeling in my chest before a strong beat) at the time this really freaked me out so i decided to go to my GP and was told "its just anxiety". I was put on Propranalol for a month and it did nothing for me so i slowly weaned myself off.

I have been living my life feeling thay way every day for 4 years until about 3 weeks ago... i was in bed when i suddenly felt like i was going to die! My heart was racing beyond belief, i felt dizzy, confused, weak, freezing cold but sweating and i kept feeling my heart skipping beats, so i called an ambulence where i was told i was having a very large amount of PVCs. Since that day i have felt that way and have had to call an ambulance a couple of times. While in hospital ive been told i had a case of SVT as well and a mixture of both PVCs and PACs which has scared the hell out of me!

I was discharged from the hospital and was told to book an echo with my GP which is seeming to take a long time! My ectopics are all day, every day! They happen with no regular pattern, but i can guarantee ill have over 100 in an hour!

Triggers for me are;

Lying on my back,


Smoking ciggaretes

Deep breaths

It may also be worth mentioning that i am also getting shortness of breath and have quite an enlarged stomach which makes it hard to breath almost as it wont expand anymore (however im not overweight)

Im terrified and was hoping somebody here might be able to help me figure out whats going on

Thanks for taking the time to read this, i appreciate it was quite long.

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You need to see a cardiologist..


As you feel you have been waiting for some time for the echo from your GP, I would suggest that you contact them and ask them to chase your appointment. Depending on the results, you might consider asking your GP to refer you to an electrophysiologist. This is a cardiologist who specialises in heart rhythm disorders. You might also consider downloading our Palpitations checklist to take to your GP from


Rachel - Arrhythmia Alliance patient services


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