I had an ablation a month and a half ago, it's been a very hard experience. I did post something earlier but now my flutters are getting worse? I just need to know if anyone else had this? And what the outcome was! I have a cardiologist appointment tomorrow so I'm hoping it hasn't come back.

My heart rate has picked up in the past week, nothing to high stays in the 70-80 range. I have been doing a lot more because I've been feeling better. I'm not sure though, need advise!

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Your heart is still healing so I wouldn't be too concerned. Will you let me know what the doctor says tomorrow? I had my ablation last month.


I hope it's all normal.

I will let you know!


So I've been to the cardiologist

He was very happy with my results and I have no further follow ups.

He did say that the flutters and things are normal and they will eventually fade away


I had the same happen to me with my first ablation back in 2013 the recovery was 12 months and I still had issues, in 2015 I was still having these flutters and a different hospital after a move found out that although my first ablation was successful. I had another AF heart issue with more flutters than ever before I had to have another ablation for the upper part of my heart - even now I still got the odd one from time to time, but nothing like before. You might have another heart problem that has yet to be treated which is basically what happened to me..

Sometime the heart also takes time to settle as it does not like being treated like this, so you might need extra time to get over the ablation. If worried let the consultant know when you are book in for your follow up. More test will be made and then they will go from there.

All the best to you.



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How did the second ablation turn out? What were the risks and such for this ablation?



The second ablation went well, although an experience I would not wish to repeat again, it was a very painful process for weeks afterward. I still have a slight fluttering from time to time so it has not been a 100% fix for me. At least it is much better than it was before the ablation.


Is it basically the same procedure?

Through the groin?


It is the same procedure through the groin, my AF Ablation was burned rather than frozen hence the pain....


I've had two ablations and anxiety after second even after being told it was successful was horrendous my advise is trust your gut! I knew first ablation failed I had svt but was left with vt. A second ablation two months later left me with high anxiety and severe fear!! I still have ectopics which are unpleasant but I'm over the worst I had cbt to combat anxiety and I also have a fitbit hr which gives me peace of mind. Speak to your specialists and be fixed by them and your gut you'll not go wrong xxx


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