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Need to know how slow or fast rhymes can effect you

My 18 yr old daughter that has autism has been having problems. My daughter is 18, and has high functioning autism. We were very concerned when she had the acute attack at work recently that led to severe chest pains, trouble walking, dizziness. This happened with no warning or other symptoms. She has had recent episodes, but without the chest pain. Instead she said her chest feels tight and she sweats, feels weak, has trouble talking, and said her was going very fast. She asked if I could hear it. She had that last one just laying on her bed, with no warning.

These have been quite frequent and we had a heart montor for 48 hours. What is interesting is the difference between her heart rates. At the lowest it is 46 and the highest 152. The base line is 78. Here is some information the record.

The patient rhythm included 6 hr 59 min 33 sec of bradycardia. Slowest at 3 am Day 2, lasting 3 min 35 sec. The patient's rhythm included 7 hr 31 min 58 sec of tachycardia. Fastest at 9 pm Day 1. Supraventicular ectopic activity consisting of 14 beats of which 14 were late beats. Longest R-R interval was 1.5 seconds occurring 6 am Day 1. The longest N-N interval was 1.5 seconds occurring at 6 am Day 1.

She has one event during the monitoring but it didn't show any difference on the monitoring. Is it abnormal to have long periods of time having either slow heart beat or fast heart beat? We see the family doctor who ordered the test on Monday. Is there any questions that would be good to ask? Or, other tests.

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You need to ask to be referred to an electrophysiologist (EP) who is a cardiologist who specialises in electrical problems of the heart. I had a low heart rate which my EP thinks was triggering the episodes of atrial fibrillation.

Not for heart issues but for autism can I recommend the Facebook page and website "Autistic not Weird" run by Chris Bonnello who is great.


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