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Anaphalaxis and Afib

Hello anyone got the sane positiob as me ? I suffered an anaphalactic shock a few years ago due to a sting. I am now on immunotherapy to control my responses (6 weekly sting in hospital) and of course have epipens. However a month or so ago I suffered an Afib attack which needed hospital treatment. I have been ok since but now on 2.5mg bisoprolol daily which the immunisation team say will counteract my response to epipens in an emergency. as it is an adrenaline blocker !

The immunotherapy team want me to stop taking the bisoprolol for a day before I have my 6 weekly "sting" but I'm not sure there is an input from a cardiac expert to be sure this works well with the Afib, the rablets say dont just stop taking them

Any advice please ?


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