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I have trifascicular block, but I am 100% asymptomatic - so I feel okay, no dizziness, no syncope, no breathlessness, etc., but my heart is now running at between 52-58bpm when resting, and I'm concerned about that. I have an appointment with my GP Thursday to see what's what, whether I need a pacemaker now. Would very much appreciate some insight from you guys and girls.

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  • This could be perfectly normal.That rate is pretty common for someone with heart block. A pacemaker would only be indicated if the rate was much less or you were symptomatic with dizziness or collapsing etc

  • Thank you so much Goldfish! I saw my doc yesterday and he said much the same as you're saying - he gave me a form for an ECG should I be concerned - which I'm not, really, after our talk - and from what you have said. I looked at the problem online, including the NHS website, and for the heart rate to fall below 60bpm they mostly say to see your GP - I suppose for reassurance as much as anything. Anyway, I'm feeling good in myself, and now I'll put this little worry aside. Many thanks!


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