Been on phone today to heart specialist n I'm fuming...been told now I have to wait 4 -6 months minimum for my Ablation as London chest clinic is closed and all has been referred to Barts n that's the waiting time now...I'm so angry n have cried cuz I wanna punch someone but can't loose it cuz it start n svt grrrrr....fuming and feel let down....I've done everything they asked...stop smoking...need fag rite now.....stop eating crap food...msg free diet...no coke...my life has stopped and wat for..I've lost weight n feel stressed

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  • Is that The Heart Hospital in Westmoreland street that is transferring to Bart's ?

    So sorry you feel let down when you are all geared up for a quicker procedure.

    Keep on the right track health wise. You will be all the fitter when your time comes. Try not to fret about this, frustrating though it is.

    Look on the bright side ...if you can.....you have already made yourself much healthier by your lifestyle changes .


  • lol no coke :) I guess you mean the drink ... so sorry re your frustrations!

  • Yea bottled not wrapped lol

  • Well if you can look on the bright side, you cut out some nasty habits. Keep that up even after your ablation. I know it's frustrating, when they told me I needed ablation which I haven't received yet they gave me a wait time of 1 to 1.5 years in the city I live in. Just try and relax and wait it out. Good for you for cutting out smoking, msg and Coke, it's all bad for you anyway.

  • Sorry to heart that and can fully understand that you are disappointed.

    They built a big new heart centre at Barts which was opened in stages last year and is now the biggest and most modern in Europe. The services from Barts, London Heart Hospital and the London Chest hospital were relocated to the new heart centre. The new centre is, I believe, quite a lot bigger than the old individual services.

  • This happened to me. Have you called the admissions team at Barts? Sometimes they can help. My waiting list estimate was 9 months but it ended up being 6 due to me attending resus at the London hospital every other week sometimes more they can sometimes help and find cancellations. To be honest it was worth the wait now I've had mine. Do you know who you will be having your ablation with?

  • Thank you I try them today but tbh its not looking hopeful is it...I'm fed up with this country..I've worked all my life but that's another subject lol...my Dr is Dr early or eirly something like that

  • Ok yes I think Peter on here had him.. Dr mark early is that right?

  • That's him...

  • Dee / Sharryn.

    Yes I am under Dr Mark Early. I think he is very good. Very practical and very down to earth, willing to explain. Not one to rush you into an ablation. When I saw him after my cardioversion failed he said the only realistic option was an ablation. However, even though he knew that I had done research and gone through AFA site, he said don't decide now, wait for my letter and then let me know your decision.

    Dee - very impressed that you remembered who I was under!!!

  • Yes I remembered! Lol especially because we are both under Barts. I think they are a brilliant hospital. My first ablation last January was only a 7 week wait but somehow the waiting lists have become so much longer. Definitely worth the wait looking back now.

  • I had remembered you under Barts. I actually had my ablation done at the end of March last year and that was in the old QE2 building. Just waiting for no 2.

  • Have you got to have another then? Yes I had one last Jan then my second November just gone that was still in the old QE2 building.

  • Yes I do have to have another ablation. When I saw him after DCCV I asked him to be honest and open about chances of success. First time in MY case was no chance, just a question as to how long I stayed in sinus. He said he would see me 6 weeks after ablation in the hopes that I would still be in sinus so he could have an echocardiogram done in NSR but said that might not work. I actually went back into persistent AF less than 72 hours after ablation!!!! I felt it go so there was no doubt. Also HB went up and in any event my AliveCor showed back into AF. At least I was able to send readings to Dr Earley. Unlike some I wasn't excessively disappointed as it was what I had been expecting but obviously I would have loved to make it to the 6 weeks or a bit longer!!!

    I think it is May or June this year before they have transferred all the cardiac units to the new building. Dr Earley said that tne advantage of being the last to move was the fact that all the teething problems would have been sorted out!!! When I was there in March the ward was quite quiet and only about half full.

  • Sorry to hear that, do you know when your next ablation will be?

  • No I don't but hopefully soon!!! However I have other heart issues which have delayed things.

    I got referred to a valve consultant at Barts because of moderate to severe leakage in the tricuspid valve. I also have mild leakage in the mitral valve and severe dilation of the right atria and mild dilation of the left atria. They did a full MRI of the heat 6 months ago and after I saw consultant in October they want a US Cardiac Echo Transthoric tests (a bubble study?) which has come through for the beginning of March. N the words of the specialist registra when I saw him last June was that if he was just looking at the echocardiogram he would have expected me to be much more restricted and incapacitated than I was / am and they don't know why. At the moment they have classified my valve as IIA and it doesn't qualify for replacement unless a Type I.

  • I'm

    Sorry to hear that. Do they know what the cause of this is? And can they do something? Will it make it difficult in terms of re-a blating?

  • Yes he's very good and explained everything to me...but just disappointed with waiting times....I'm getting bad panic attacks and explained that to him but didn't really give any tips on how to control them...luckily I've got few paramedic friends n they have been very helpful...spoke to Geraldine who's his secretary this morning.. She's so rude...and as much use as a chocolate fireguard and never says good bye and just puts phone down on u...so blunt n rude..ya think she have a bit of compassion in her job..I won't be phoning her again n now just wait n control my own panic attacks with books I got yesterday from library..I will conquer this..I need my life back

  • From what I gather from others 4/6 months is a normal wait . When I had my first ablation at The Heart Hospital in 2009 I was actually offered it in 6 weeks!

    I would suggest that you keel phoning to see if there are any cancellations and they will get to know you!

  • Despite being a different system. We often get the same story in the states. It is usually over busy drs schedules etc. I am so sorry for how frustrating it is for you!!!

  • It's political red tape n we have to just put up with it as we the public have no voice against large organisations such as NHS n most cases...you open ur mouth n speak to loudly they push u to the back of the queue....so wat choice do I have but yet again keeping quiet n tolerate it

  • I can understand how frustrating this is. I'm waiting for an Ablation and the waiting list is minimum 4 months. It's getting me down but trying to stay calm and get on with life as much as possible can help and actually for me seems to make the AF symptoms more tolerable! Good luck.

  • Thnx..good luck with urs..where u having urs

  • St Georges S London. Finding CBT course helpful with Panic Attacks. My GP refered me. Also online Well Being Glasgow has good simple material to help.

  • Done cbt and nlp and going to train in physchology lol so I'm aware of the concept if why panic happens but wen it happens to u its uncontrollable n very frightening...

  • r u based in Glasgow ?

  • No London. But Glasgow Wellbeing Service for Mental Health has a very good website with downloadable material available to all. E.g. guided relaxation exercises and much more for Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

  • I'm doing the reading on panic attacks n doing yoga but not helping..went out yesterday n had good day n felt great...think I'm just gonna have to ride it out on this one and stop myself thinking every 5mins I'm gonna go into svt all the time....

  • v helpful

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