SVT and wanting an ablation

Hello i'm 17 years old. I was diagnosed with my svt at 12. Ive been wanting to get my ablation done very soon because college is around the corner and the worst fear is me having an episode at college. My svt is not life threatening, so it's basically in my hands whether i want it or not. Anxiety is holding me back and i don't know what to expect and basically expecting the worst. So if anyone could share some experiences for an svt ablation and if it was successful that would be greatly appreciated :) thankyou all

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  • Hi, Please feel free to visit our website where you can find lots of information on SVT and ablations for arrhythmias. We also have a patient stories section where you can read other people's experiences. One in particular might be of interest to you's%20story.pdf

    Please remember that if you need any further information or support, you can email us at

  • Suggest you search on this site as there are quite a few posts including from a few women in their 20s.

  • If you go to the best doctors, you will be in good hands. They will do absloute best for you. I know that you feel scared, that is so normal. But I also know that myself and many others were thinking - I wish I had done that sooner. That was a life changing procedure. Good luck, go for it... because you will feel better right after. Get your life back!

    And you will not be better the next day... it takes about 6 months for the heart to totally be normal and forget stresses of the operation...

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