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Palpitations, bigeminy, couplets, NSVT, bright spot to right ventricular apical region-tests ++++

I'm a 57 yr female who has been experiencing unpredictable palpitation events whereby my legs become week, my chest feels heavy and pressured, slight shortness of breath and significant presymcope, and now have fainted twice with this. It roughly started last autumn but has been getting progressively worse in frequency and severity for last six months. Just undergoing lots of tests and can't wait to get sorted. Attempted a cardiac MRI last week but the cardiologist explained after over an hour it was not possible to get images good enough to examine the bright spot found on echo in the right ventricle. So have to go back tomorrow where an MRI specialist technician will make live adjustments to the MRI to assist with the process. The cardiologist expressed some concern owing to the above and a family history of sudden death in young to middle age relatives. This is impacting on my work not only with the symptoms but also attending for lots of tests-so now I've. Even signed off for a couple of weeks. Hopefully going for left heart catheterisation next week and depending what is found other procedures at the time. I have been told I may need an ICD too-not keen on the thought of this. Good to read all the entries on here. Very supportive.

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Hi there, just an update to my first introductory post. I've had my cardiac MRI and this time I'm informed good images could be taken.

Still having frequent episodes of palpitations and fainting with some of them-is anyone else having this? Is it normal? Bit worried about doing things now because of this.

Got a call from my cardiologist secretary yesterday evening to inform me my angiography is scheduled for next Wednesday! Am extremely nervous about this. Also got told it's an overnight stat-I thigh too it was a daycare? Although was informed if necessary other procedures will be done at the same time?

I would welcome other people's experiences in regards to

1) preparation for the procedure, 2) experiences during the procedure and

3) recovery time e.g. Going back to work and activities/lifting and rushing around.

Thank you in advance!


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