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3 months post ablation.. questions

Left Atrial flutter??

Had my three month check up last week and was delighted to tell my EP that I was feeling so much better. Much less debilitating fatigue and only occasional afib.... great progress after daily issues regarding both previously. He seemed more interested in the fact that my pulse rate is now averaging 90...... a good deal above my pre ablation resting rate of around 60-70...... I think he thought it should be less by now? Anyway I have to have further tests to rule out.... I think..... left atrial flutter...or some possible vein damage? Don't know if that was exactly what he said... as he was speaking pretty fast at the time... hmm.....anybody here had a similar conversation? I will check with my gp of course, but it does take weeks for the paperwork to come through!!


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Sounds like you are doing well. Perhaps you could ask the secretary to copy you in to the letter. Difficult to know what to make of it otherwise.

Maybe you should record the conversation next time!


Good point Goldfish! Maybe I should set up my mobile phone to record! To be fair, he was a bit stressed himself that afternoon..... something about missing notes. Anyway, I have now got the first of my new series of appointments for a rerrun of everything.... including a 24 hour monitor. Evidently I have to wear it whilst very active. Sounds like an interesting challenge!


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