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Im at 5 months post ablation....feeling good again ... and wondering if you post ablation folk are still scared after suffering svt for over a year and half and many hospital admissions for adenasine that when my heart makes a twinge it stops me in my tracks and think "here we go its going to kick into an svt" im so scared this normal and does this subside? back at the gym but do not push it....and its nice now that i can go out even though i still having panic attacks...any advice?...

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Hi Sharryn45! Actually I think you hit the nail on the head! I am very afraid and anxious all the time, and I waste a lot of energy trying to stuff it, and it comes out to my doctors too much some times and I'm trying to be "normal" haha! But I'm not! After I face-planted cold to my steering wheel and woke up at a red (thank God!) stop light with my foot on the brake still and a bruise on my chin, and had been suffering SVTs and passing out but with great due warnings (but not that time!) I knew I would never stop having those feelings that something could happen again unless my EP did something really very good. So yeah. I take Xanax (when needed and that's not a lot) and have good friends to talk to and have a very nice talk therapist who specializes in Chronic Disease patients (and Heart Failure-i have that- is a Chronic Disease for me with all the other stuff) so I am doing OK. Bottom line, It is normal for you to still be scared. Me too. My weird thing happened in April and I had 2 months of arrhythmia leading up to it, so you've suffered so long with SVTs it'll prolly take a little while to come down from that. Don't worry, hugs and love to you!


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