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I suffered a heart attack about 13 years ago and since then I have had periods of chest pain. Over the last 5 years I have suffered 3 syncopes and each time they have failed to diagnose the cause.

On my second syncope the cardiologist decide to insert a reveal device, thank fully. Ths has shown numerous periods of ectopics, although no one has said anything about it. On my latest episode my local hospital decided that I had had a focal seizure and started to treat me for this condition.

As a result I was discharged with chest discomfort and breathlessness and unable to perform "normal" tasks.

I was unhappy with this and persued variuos specialist, via my private medical insurance, to see if I could get a more accurate diagnosis.

Surfice to say that I have now had it confirmed that I do not suffer focal seizures but the causes of my chest discomfort and syncopes have been down to the signifcant number of ectopics that I suffer from.

I have now been placed on Flecainide 50mg BD to see if that can correct the situation. If this is not the answer then it will be stronger drugs and a pacemaker.

Moral of the story You know your body best and if you are not happy keep trying.

For me its fingers crossed that these drugs work and I can bet to a normal life.

Hope all of you are well

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Hi hand1cap ; how are You feeling now ? I hope the med . it's working for You ?

As for me - just yesterday I saw cardiologist , he said I don't need medication yet . Then , that's mean I'm I not in bad shape :)

For now , I will have just regular visits with him , just to keep eye on it .

I hope you will get better very soon , that you can enjoy life & be happy 🌞



Its a bit early to have any positive signs as apparently it will take about 48 hours for the meds to work. At the moment I am struggling with a lot of chest discomfort, more than I have been. I am hoping that after a couple of days I might be better and can get back to playing with with the grandchildren and playing golf, without discomfort.

In some ways its good that no medication is required and that he is keeping an eye on things for you.

Fingers crossed for you.

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