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Ectopics and Pauses Asystole

Ectopics and Pauses Asystole

39 year old female....who has been suffering for 18months.

3 cardios told me nothing was wrong.

I had another 24hr moniter fitted at my gps....this was my results.

I knew my heart kept stopping I could feel it.

I am now yet again waiting to see a new cardio....I am very scared.

Esecially when I have felt so so ill balance...dizzy....for the last 18months.Any advice would be brilliant please.

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Push hard to see an EP and not a general cardiologist. In my view (I am not medically qualified) you are entitled to see a specialist in less than 4 weeks (see nice).

You should do a search as to where EPs are (look in category performs ablations) and select your one. Then research into them. You could always ask on the forum for advice. You may need to travel a bit as there are many hospitals that have a cardiology unit but do not have EPs. Personally I would choose one of the bigger ones that has a number of EPs and also is a teaching hospital. I am under such a one.

Personally I would see an EP privately if you can afford £200 to £300 (but CHECK). Many EPs will see you without a GP referral.


Hi yes if you haven't seen one already a consultation with an electro cardio physiologist would be a good idea . I was referred by my gp to see one recently but there was a 4 month wait so I paid £150 for a private consultation which was money well spent . They specialise in the electrical activity in the heart . If you've had investigations such as an echo gram and your heart is structurally sound all the experts seem to agree that the ectopics are not concerning . After my consultation I think I'm having an implantable loop recorder procedure . There are a lot of treatments available for anybody who should require them so don't be too worried. I've got a lot of reassurance and information from videos on you tube from York cardiology. He's a cardiac consultant working in York . He goes into a lot of detail on heart ectopics etc and it's very helpful have a look .


What did your GP say about the results apart from referring you to another cardio? I was having 3.5 second pauses before my pacemaker was fitted but never noticed them although I could hear the pauses on my older BP monitor that bleeps with my heart rate.


Hi Tracejar! You certainly have some good replies here! I especially agree with PeterWh! See an EP if you can! Please! It would be worth your while because your heart is trying to tell you would'nt be scared for NO reason, trust me and trust YOU! Do this NOW and keep us posted! WE CARE! I've been through this and have had this, I have been found to have profound electrical problems in my heart so now i have a Cardiac Synchronization Therapy-Defibrillator device implanted. It all happens when the patient trusts themselves and pursues what their instincts tell them is fear of something... if you have that, then act on it! Call and make appointments, and in the meantime you could look up online what all those numbers and summaries signify. You have quite a bit of ectopics (ventricular not so good!) and delays!!! Get on this! Best to you Tracejar!!!


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