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June 8 I had my ablation. I stayed in overnight and about 5 hours after being home was rushed to hospital in atrial fib with a 280 beats per minute heart rate. I still have afib from time to time without the tachacardia now, but I am so tired so easy. This is very frustrating since I am in my early 50's love to work out and be active. I cant seem to get through grocery shopping without feeling exhausted. How long is this going to last.

I still have to see my surgeon on my follow up coming July 12.

Any feedback is appreciated. Albeit I understand we are all a case by case basis.

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At this point impossible to tell even if you are an expert. An EP will have a better idea in 3 to 4 months as that's how long the healing process takes.

Good luck.

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Hi Cory-Lee! I have heard that it can take 6 mos to a year for your heart to recover a burn like that! Why it would have a severe afib so bad is terrible and I feel so awful for you, I'm sure you that you called in a remote heart check and called your EP and asked WHAT UP! But yes know that your heart is in big time recovery from being burned in there! I had a failed ablation from SVT's that were making me pass out so needless to say I'm paranoid all the time. You have exhaustion still and afib like that soon after and I'm saying it can take 6 months to recover from what I have heard (here of course and from others) but DO try to get that word from your EP! Personally I really do not like the sound of what you are going through and I would be on his case like a bat out of hell. But if you can do that in a more civilized manner then let's see if you can do that and let us know what EP says and if he can help, given that there is a big recovery period! Prayers tho, and warm hugs to you friend!

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