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Episodes of slow but forceful heartbeat

Hi I have had ectopic beats for many years which have been diagnosed as benign, but recently I have been experiencing episodes of a slow (in the 40's) but forceful heartbeat which is uncomfortable but no dizziness or breathlessness. I had an episode today and took my blood pressure which was 192/80 with a pulse of 47. I have told my GP and he did a 12 lead ECG which of course was when my rhythm was normal so nothing showed up. I just wondered if anyone else has any experience with this?

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I have suffered with bradacardia for many years. I remember many years ago my bp was around the mid 50's today it is often down in the low-mid 40's. I have never suffered high by in the past, in fact it is normally on the low side. I had a syncope in April and was hospialised for about a week and my was slightly on the high side. I have had a reveal device fitted in the past and this has picked up eptopic heart beats. I have recently seen a cardiologist and he feels that I have something called sick sinus syndrome and this can cause lightheadness, breathlessness, syncope and chest pain. Apparently the "cure" is a pace maker.

Might be worth seeing if you can get an 7 day tape fitted which might help them to give you a more definative diagnosis.

Good Luck


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