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What Next???

Hi ,

I have just been to see my consultant on the 23rd of may 2016 and he said he doesn't know what he treating so he cant put me on any meds but he requested I have an urgent cardio monitor on for 5 days which is being put on tomorrow the 26th May so I will see what shows my consultant is suspects it is Supraventricular Tachycardia

Any Ideas would be helpful

Thanks Megan

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How often does you heart go too fast? – If it's most days then the recording should show what the rhythm is. But if it IS an inappropriate sinus tachycardia it doesn't necessarily mean the sinus node (your natural pacemaker) is faulty – it could be responding to unstable low blood pressure. This can be due to hormone problems but is most often part of the "fatigue syndrome" that comes on after a viral illness (e.g. glandular fever) and usually gets better in a year or two. It is made much worse by:

1) lack of salt (in your diet)

2) drinking too much water – you don't really need to drink more than 2-3 cups of anything per day

3) not enough regular vigorous exercise.


Hi Megan.... my cardiologist thought I had SVT. The seven day monitor showed up atrial fib and flutter. Your consultant is looking after you!


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