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Hi I am new to this so I don't know what to write

I have recently been to Southampton hospital for a diagnosis after being taken into hospital by ambulance with a heart rate of 148 bpm i got to Southampton hospital and went into the room had am ECG and then saw the consultant but he said that they are looking for heart rate of 200 or more but my consultant on the isle of Wight said over 100bpm

so what to believe??

and what might i have ?

any replies would be helpful

thanks megan

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  • Megan, when my heart rate goes up to 100, I have been advised by GP to go straight to A&E and am kept under observation until it goes back to normal. They don't let me go home unti it does. That's all I can say - I am not a medical person but I think 200 is way too high. Hope this helps. Ann

  • Hi Ann

    Do you have a heart condition?

    I have been advised to call 111

    I am 14 and this has been going on for 2 years

    Thanks Megan

  • Hi Megan, Have you been back to your GP Doctor? They should have information from the hospital and will be able to talk you through what you should do. Take a copy of your ECG report, just in case your GP hasn't had a copy. This happens to me too too. I have learnt how to cope with it and understand what is happening but I am an older lady. I hope you are speaking to your parents about your worries.

  • HI Maude

    I have been to my GP but they referred me to the cardiologist in Southampton i am just waiting for my appointment yes it is getting worse yesterday it went up to 175bpm

    don't know what to do??

    thanks megan

  • Hi Megan. Yes I have persistent atrial fibrillation and am fitted with a pacemaker. This stops my heart rate dropping below 60 (it used to drop to 40) but it can't stop it going to high so when it reaches 100 I take immediate action as I feel very ill. My medication helps to some degree too, and there are lots of good types of medication out there, it could be a question of finding the right one for you. I wish you lots of luck. Ann. xx

  • Hi, what meds are you on Annr? I have svt and I'm on flecanide 100mg twice a day. I had an EP study yesterday under local anaesthetic but he couldn't find the trigger to ablate

    Sian Johnson

  • Hi Megan, my 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with svt 18 months ago now. When she has an episode her heart beat rises to around 215 beats per minute. We have been advised when this happens to go to a&e within the hour. Her last episode lasted 40 minutes and slowed down by itself but we were still advised to go to a&e to have an ecg to make sure there was no underlying problem. My advice to you is to go to your gp and find out as much as you can about your condition. Knowledge helps me be strong and confident when my daughter has an episode and this will help you too. Remember that this condition can be managed.

    Julie Swann

  • Hi Megan, I am taking Bisoprolol 7mg morning, and Doxazosin 2mg at night. It took a long time (about 3 years) and a lot of experimenting with meds by my GP to come up with this, and previously made me ill for a long time. Now this combination seems to work and I am feeling really well. What suits one person doesn't necessarily suit another but I do hope they can come up with the best treatment for you. Good luck! Ann

  • Hi Megan, My SVT started when I was 12 / 13 years old. Over time I learned how to manage my condition by taking deep breaths and carrying out a vagal manoeuvre. I understand that it can be really scary dealing with this condition but you're not on your own (as you can see from the posts). Treatment of the condition has also moved on and after a particularly bad episode last year I finally decided to have an ablation this year. I'm now 37 years old and haven't had a palpitation since the procedure. My advice to you would be to keep a diary to record the episodes and share with your EP / cardiologist. Further monitoring by the medics may then guide you to the best approach in dealing with your condition. I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry! Helen

  • Anyone know what condition I might have?


  • Hi Megan,

    Is the ECG you posted your own?

    It shows atrial flutter with 2:1 block – it's NOT SVT and it's NOT 180 bpm (it's 150 bpm) so whoever gave it the title doesn't know much about it (don't trust random internet posts).

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