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Rapid heart beat in the morning

I had a successful ablation for SVT. I am also recovering from giant cell arteritis which means that I am on prednisolone and aspirin. For some time I have found that in the morning, after having breakfast my heart rate goes up to 100 to 130 if I exert myself at all, even walking upstairs. For the rest of the morning at least I have to be careful, and frequently have to stop to get my breath.  I assumed this was because of the prednisolone, but now I am on only 1mg I am doubting this, especially as several times recently I have forgotten to take my pills until well after breakfast, and still have the rapid heartbeat. I am due to see my EP in a couple of weeks, but I wondered if anyone on here has had this. 

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I too have SVT (no ablation but largely controlled by bisoprolol) plus PMR and GCA. I wonder whether this symptom could depend on what you eat for breakfast. I have had this experience regularly but after lunch - usually light - soup, bread, cheese, fruit. My GP said it could be because my heart is coping with digestion as well as the exertion of movement. Sounded unlikely to me but perhaps it is a cause. Possibly the action of prednisolone could be a factor but on your very low dose perhaps unlikely. I take enteric coated prednisolone which don't take effect until seven or so hours after swallowing and as I take them at seven-ish and don't usually have lunch until about two it's a possibility for me.  If one takes normal, uncoated prednisolone then the effect would be more immediate. 


Prednisolone can give you fast heart rate, it is a stimulant for the body.


It's happens even when I don't take the prednisolone


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