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Update from the hospital.

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Hi all,

Ended up back in the hospital after syncope and tachycardia. I went into tach in the hospital and passed out.

It happened 4 times and they are admitting me till they can move me to a bigger cardiac hospital. Looks like I will be having extensive investigation once moved to a bigger hospital along with the EP study.

Needless to say I am thoroughly terrified this is the first time that I felt I ws slipping away. I woke up with a tiny nurse over my bed when i came to and a bunch of docotrs standing around me.

Will keep you all updated hopefully this helps someone going throught this right now. You aren't alone and for gods sake dont be stupid like me listen to your body and insist on and pursue testing. Don't be put off if one doctor dismisses you go and get another opinion.

Piggy xx

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Sorry to hear your having a crap time! Pleased it happened in hospital though.

Be insistent !that's sometimes what is needed.

Keep us up to date, hope you are well again soon!

Wendi x

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Oh I sure am to! I was a bit freaked out when the nurse got cranky at me for not presenting at a bigger cardiac hospital but I didn't have a choice really I went into distress very quickly and I needed to get to any hospital fast. They have everything they need to help me here they just don't have a cath lab that's why they want to move me.

I will def keep all updated. This too shall pass x

Hey Piggy,

Thank you for letting us know.

I'm so pleased that you're safe and being investigated....although concerned that things are obviously not good right now.

I know that feeling of waking to someone standing around your bed....it hits home doesn't it.?

Try not to fear the testing - you'll get through it for sure.

As for the results....it's better to know what your facing and have the opportunity to deal with it and try to accept it/live with it, than to live in fear and ignorance with all the risks that implies.

I'm pleased that your case is now being taken seriously.

Good luck & keep us informed.

take care


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Very true. This has happened so often that it's getting to the point of ridiculous. They usually stabilize me and send me home to wait for testing but this time i literally blacked out while talking to the doctor twice so they pretty quickly decided I wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

I will keep you updated and thank you for the info on the other post. I've shown it to the EP and he thinks there is relevance. Hopefully when they move me I will get the tests I've been waiting for quickly and get this sorted out once and for all.

Piggy xxx

Yes it must have been a blow and very good that you said in your post about not putting off / challenging to get things done. We all tend to do that (I know I do) and think that it will be all right. You are in the best place you could be, even if it is one you would rather not be in!!!

Good luck.

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piggy001 in reply to PeterWh

Yes this is true. Better than being home with my child where no one can help me.

Boy have I learnt my lesson. I hope anyone that is going through even remotely the same as I will find this and urge them to seek help.

Piggy x

Pleased that the info on torsades dp was potentially helpful. Good luck with it all.

You are doing everything right and being extremely brave.

Well done!


You're in the best place now so try and relax and let them get to the bottom of it all. If you've been having attacks they will have recorded them which gives them an idea of where it's coming from and what they can do about it. They also gave me an mri while I was in hospital to make sure heart structure was ok and an echo to ensure all was ok there. Episodes are terrifying but hang in there you'll get through it x

Best wishes to you Piggy from someone who knows what your going thro only too well. Keep us informed how you are doing and be well ! !

Hi everyone,

I had minor attackes that they caught my heart got up to 160 and went back into rhythm on it's own. They said it looks as though it is coming from the upper chambers of the heart. I still haven't been transferred yet because although I am having these mini attacksI am still stable so they won't send me until I have another big attack of tachycardia or Monday whichever comes first really.

I have a question for everyone. If they can clearly see that the heart is going into an abnormal rhythm why are they so vague? They weren't able to definitevly confirm they just said it looks like it is coming from x chamber? ???

Thoughts and experiences everyone?

Because they have to take a special EKG where tubes go via your mouth inside your body to tell that. And also they can do it during the procedure of ablation.

But you are so young, you should do ablation and you will be reborn afterwards, Some people run marathons after ablation and forgets that they have had SVT at all. Good luck, please keep us posted.

Hope your ok.. Get well soon😊

Also I have SVT they thought it was only in the right side but during ablation found out it was in the left Aswel so I suppose they don't want to put it in stone what chamber it is coming from. They now call mine atrial tachycardia xx

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