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well after 11 weeks of having a 2 lead icd and catheter ablation done they have now told me i have lbbb so the left ventricle is not quite pumping when it should so on Monday in i go again for a icd upgrade to a rct-d a 3 wire that will bring the left ventricle into line im hoping this is going to sort a lot of my problems out especially the breathlessness tues im 11 weeks post ablation and the cardiologist has sent me a letter stating she thinks the ablation has been a success hopefully after Monday i will be on the proper rd to recovery as i seem to have overcome my medication issues as well so got a nice little routine going when this all started in sept i truly believed this would kill me but it just goes to show how good our nhs really is but you have to believe in yourself also to get better im far from perfect but also im far enough away from the day laying in accident and emergency with a heart rate of 230 telling the nurses if i die tell my daughter to look after my dog my whole outlook on life has changed and i also know there are a lot of people worse of than me and i count my blessings that i am getting better slowly its been a long hard 5 months hopefully better times to come after Monday

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  • Wonderful news! I've been following many stories on this site since having an ablation in March last year and, from following your posts, your journey has been a difficult one. So pleased to hear a positive outcome with the ablation resolving issues around medication. I have also benefited from the ablation procedure after suffering with SVT since I was a teenager. It's not for everyone but thank you for sharing a positive news story on the site. Best wishes for the future! Helen

  • So glad to hear! Hope all will be even better! And it's so true your whole outlook on life changes after these experiences

    I also agree that ourNHS is brilliant, we all need to look after it and our arrythmia teams amazing

    😀 So pleased for you.


  • Interesting - but pity there's no punctuation, makes reading very difficult - lol

  • ask your self why there is none im dyslexic so if you feel you need to make me feel worse then you crack on iv got big shoulders

  • Well done ! Great post ( punctuated or not ?! )...,so pleased for you.

    Best wishes


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