Atrial fibrillation


Joined this forum after being diagnosed with atrial fibrillation last year... Wee trip to resus with heart rate of 280bpm , and a round of cardio version . Been on new meds for few months and are working better but also have option on cryo ablation.... Decision left to me... Interested to hear if anyone has chosen to remain on meds?or most fost go with ablation? 💓

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  • Are you a member of the atrial fibrillation forum as well?

    I was / am in persistent AF and I had an ablation 16 months ago. Went back into AF just under 72 hours later. Other heart issues have delayed second ablation.

  • Hi

    Thanks for reply no I haven't joined atrial fibrillation forum is that in here?

  • Yes it is on Health Unlocked.

    Select the menu at top of page, select Browse Communities then type in AF in the search box and the AF Association will come up

  • The AF community is far more active

  • Thanks have joined

  • Great. There are tens of times more posts there. Use search within the community for past posts. Also see main AFA website. Publications are really good.

  • I've had ablation after even had a CRT-D for 4 years, which is the treatment the give to patients who have SVT, VT unsustained, PVCs, ectopics, Heart Block, and so on. If the ablation helps it will be great because living with such a high HR is wear and tear on your heart. Seeing an EP and having an ablation and quite possibly an EP study might put you in line for a pacemaker. I'm 100% paced and altho it's taken years for them to get the settings right...especially after passing out cold while driving on a busy street-luckily this was at a red light and I went to the April and I had the ablation and found I had Heart Block, at least my situation is more well known and understood about my heart and I know that my CRT-D is as adjusted as it can possibly be! I am 20+ meds as well each day 3X and I go to Cardiac Rehab, had an nSTEMI last year and have nonObstructive CAD , something pops up every year since I was diagnosed in 2011 with all this and had to go on disability from my teaching...but just try to take whatever they offer you and speak calmly with your EP and do lots of research! You will be surprised at how much Medical Knowledge you will gain! The ablation procedure itself I feel is not too bad! If they cannot dredge up the arrhythmia they will tell you all sorts of things about your heart and if you need a device! But go with your "Heart of Hearts" and trust what you believe, and what your doctor REALLY wants for you! Don't go with "decision up to you", let HIM decide...He's the doc! Either way I say do it, but for there will be 5 more saying NO! :)

  • Thanks

    Heart rate much better on meds and discharged from cardiology

    Think will think about it all and make spot with gp who is v sporty and good !(currently I do metafit 3xweek and run and signed up for first run since it all happened ... A 10k)

    Who else is v Sporty with AF and do you feel it affects confidence?

  • Good luck. I couldn't manage a 10k walk!!!!

  • I felt so much better the following morning, go for it.

    My ICD has not kicked in since

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