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New to AF

Hi i,m new to the site so just looking to share my experience so far.

I had an ecg at my doctors last friday who told me it showed signs of AF. My heart rate was erratic and i felt awful,short of breath going up the stairs. She has given me beta blockers. Also apparently i am getting a letter for a choose and book, ive always thought these take long so see someone but... Since the ecg i dont know if i,m imagining allsorts of pains in my chest and stressing out over it. I know ive been very tired and not sleeping well since the ecg. I feel as though in my chest as if its bruised, bit sore. I,m trying to keep calm and not think about it but find it very difficult not to. I also have right bundle branch block which was diagnosed about 14yrs ago. Over the years ive had numerous 24hr tapes done, tests like stress test,scans,x-rays etc and nothing ever shows until this last ecg. I,m wondering now if ive had AF for a while but it hasnt been caught in the past.

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Hi "new to A Fib" can be a nightmare. Keep in touch with your GP, Electrophysiologist and this forum - good luck and keep in touch


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