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AF side effects advice

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I have been suffering with paroxysmal arrhythmia for over a year now - my episodes of AF vary from 2 hours to 13 hours and I am now awaiting EPS with possible ablation. I am able to cope with these episodes but a major side effect is a very urgent need to frequently pass water (usually every 15 minutes). This is a very restrictive problem as I need to be close to a toilet and basically cannot leave home until AF episode is over. Does anyone else suffer from this side effect and, if so, any advice? Thank you.

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I think this is a known side effect of AF something to do with an enzyme released by the heart, I notice it but nothing like every 15 minutes.

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Derek75 in reply to Ben166

Thanks Ben166 for your reply. I thought I was the only person affected by this side effect as I have not come across anyone else commenting on it. When an episode first starts the problem is every 10 minutes for the first hour and then every 15 minutes in the second hour until my body seems to be devoid of liquid - just don't know where it comes from!

I have noticed this symptom after a long bout of SVT normally when I have had to go to A and E to stop the attack. The need to urinate is great and the amount produced is very large! I have always assumed that it happens because the speed of the heart (mine often reaches 230 beats ) also makes all the other organs also work more.

Interesting Whizy. Fortunately, my last few episodes have only lasted for 2/3 hours but with the same problem. However, my heart beat has never reached as high as yours - 165 maximum. I can appreciate that the speed of the heart can make all the other organs work more but as you say, it's such a huge amount! The problem is coping with it when not at home - this extra problem makes life more difficult.

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bornfree5658 in reply to Derek75

Hi there have just joined this sight. Not sure whether my condition is the same. I have tachycardia, but my attacks can last for several hours and I also have been to A and E a few times to have a drug to put heart back in correct rhythm.

I am a long time sufferer but will not give up hope of having it treated. Have to be on a betablocker permanently which I hate.

How long have you had condition? I am 56 and it started as a child about 10 years old. Had an ablation few years ago told it may not work first time and it didnt, so very disappointed.

It makes me very anxious but being a Christian has definitely helped me master the anxiety although it never goes completely. Its mastering the fear that's the worst thing. Also work not very understanding as it can happen anytime anywhere.

Hope to get a reply. If I had the chance would go for the op again.

Nice to hear from people who know what its like.

Since I made my post 4 years ago I have two Ablations I had a Pacemaker fitted then I had my A/Node Ablated, I am still in A/F all the time but I do not feel anything but it has cured having to go to urinate so often. I think it was caused by Tachycardia.

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