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Hi , my first post,

My name is Rob and 2 years ago i was diagnosed with AF..after nearly collapsing on a building site..

I eventually had an Ablation, which didnt work as i still had an erratic heart rate. They wanted to do another one saying they felt confident is would be a success second time around. But i didnt fancy it again,so i refused.

In the two years i have had some erratic heart rates but no dizzy spells..about a month ago these have returned .

I have been given a hospital appointment for September. and next Friday booked in for a monitor for 48 hours. Yesterday my BP was 160/110 with a heart rate of 170... any advice as i am now getting concerned..

Thanks .

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Thanks Jo,

Do feel better today..just a little tired...i dont take any medication as i stopped it after ablation..i asked the specialist if i would have a heart attack and he said no, he also said i havnt got heart disease so i decided not to take any, as the beta blockers where doing me in...and i just wanted to get back to normal..alas that dosnt seem possible..

any way..thanks for your concern;-)



hi rob

I have had 4 ep studies and 2 attempted ablations in the last 3 years. they have been partially successful as I have less episodes and have largely learnt to manage them. yes I do get very tired and have some presyncope but have learnt to live with them unless they get bad again. I still see my cardiologist but very occasionally - as and when I need to. I was diagnosed 3 years ago after 20 years of symptoms that could not be diagnosed as my arrhythmia is totally random - not caused by stress or exertion - just misfiring electrics. like you my heart is in good condition and I have less chance of a heart attack than most people. I am 62 years old but in good condition generally. I have slowed down a lot because of tiredness but still manage to do a lot.

my episodes usually start with a brief increase in hr - up to 190bps followed by a drop to 30-37bps which lasts for longer and makes me weak, tired and dizzy. the ablations have reduced the length of the episodes - which have also been reduced by me not panicking as much which reduces the length of the tachycardia. I do not take meds as they were also 'knocking me out' - they actually prolonged the low bps making me feel worse - that' what beta blockers are supposed to do - so I stopped them with the agreement of my cardiologist and ep.

as for not having a second ablation - I would seriously consider it as my second one was more successful than the first and less uncomfortable as I knew what to expect. however do not raise your expectations too high - eps tend to be over-confident of their abilities (I have seen 3 very good ones) but if your condition is totally random it is very difficult to replicate it in theatre as eps try to replicate using drugs to simulate stress or exertion - which are not necessarily the causes. I do not have high bp - certainly not as high as yours and I would definitely head for a&e if it were - don't hesitate - each time I have gone in they have been concerned and extremely reassuring - even if they are rushed off their feet. it may even be best to call 999 and get paramedics to check you at home as often as not the symptoms have gone by the time you get to hospital - sod's law - this happened a lot with me and that's why it took 20 years to diagnose my problem.

sorry to be so long winded but I hope it helps.

all the best



Thanks for the is indeed food for thought , was and is interesting to hear other peoples experiences,

Think it,s a matter of learning to live with, what is really a scary condition..

Thanks again for your reply;-)


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