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Health Problems

Hey everyone: Since long period of time I was facing health problems, this means that at the beginning I was having strong and rapid heartbeats (tachycardia) which I was having for 2 months- I seen doctor, but doctor had diagnosed mascularsekeletonal chest pain and treatment was not provided to me. Sometimes I have strong headache, dizziness and tiredness during morning/ night so I am worry about it. On the other hand, I think that I am suffering from Anemia because I was having problems such as: headache, sleeping problems, tiredness, heart palpitations so this was happening later on- I had done blood test but I am waiting for results and appointment.

Can you please give me some advice's because I am really worry?



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IF you were diagnosed with tachycardia you should be on meds.. the tack together with the palpitations could be something else altogether... i suggest another opinion from a better cardiologist... run a risk of Afib..... i needed a cardiac Ablation to fix my tack and palp problem but I also had atrial flutter.... also at the same time i was in Afib... all while recovering (in hospital) from pericarditis.... almost died... had 3 heart attacks and a double bypass... you need to get it checked out... history of family heart problems.... I FEEL BETTER.. what i mentioned was MY experience it doesnt mean this will happen to you.. the tiredness could be a thyroid issue but the dizziness worries me brother.... rather be safe than sorry.

feel better


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