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BP and heart rate

Investigated last year, nothing really discovered but prescribed atenolol which works too well.

On Friday was not feeling great so I took my BP and was 153/95. Pulse 90 something. During evening climbed as high as 172/110 pulse 98. Phoned doctor who told me not to worry but come in Monday. Took 2x2mg diazepam and went to bed. Saturday normal BP and hr. Sunday normal until after walk then BP quite okay but hr around 90-96 even sitting stilL. Took half a 25mg atenolol, pulse dropped and this morning pulse was 51. Gone up to 64 now. BP okay. Didn't go to GP cos he would say just take the atenolol. Got an appointment for 12 June. As I was investigated last year they won't do it again, not with NHS as it is in chaos. They said I had no coronary artery disease.

I am so sensitive to atenolol but GP says take then when needed. Feel as if something is going on but will probably just get BP monitor to wear and be told it's anxiety. Not sure it is. Three of my aunts died at 70 With heart attack. My male cousin was 64 and grandfather 71. At moment I am monitoring BP and heart rate several times a day to take with me on 12th, if I make it! I cancelled today's appt because I thought he would say I'm an anxious hypochondriac. 67 and female. I think it's the electrics and nit the plumbing.

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Hi Stargazy, don't let anyone make you feel you are a hypochondriac. You need to look after your own health, I find most GPs are so detached they don't really understand our problems. Can you get a second opinion, or perhaps get a private consultation with BUPA or similar if you have the funds? It might at least put your mind at rest. Good luck! xx


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