Arrhythmia Alliance


I have been diagnosed with SVT 15 secs. After having a Holter test. Now waiting to see a cardiologist in February. And am on beta blockers as and when needed. Now I don't know whether I am being over anxious. I have had for for sometime a feeling of indigestion through to my back. Funny tightness in my stomach, shooting pains, woke up with pains and aches in my legs mostly left one which the physio said had a diminished pulse and always feels cold. I have had two blackout which docs thought were epilepsy but now might be due to the svts. I can't drive now because of this. I wake up with sweats and feel nauseous... I am wondering whether this is all in my head as being over anxious but it does feel very real. It doesn't seem to go away, it's with me all the time. I have been on antidepressants for 5 years and have decreased them hoping that this will help. Sometimes I feel like I am gulping air. What on earth is the matter with me?


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