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Reaching out to fellow sufferer

Anyone have experience of my symptoms and can offer any help ?

I have premature ventricular  ( ectopics ) that are very frequent. The symptoms are scary because I feel each ectopic in my throat as a low level prick, and the extra beats are felt in the chest or sometimes below my right rib cage. I typically start the day without many but very soon after getting up they become more frequent. Bending will almost always trigger them, as will rising from a seated position and vice versa. Sitting very still or lying down sometimes will calm them but not always.

On very bad days they are constant and last all day and into the night, sometimes waking me several times. 

These symptoms have been around for over two months this time , I have had the same before but have always gone after a few days. 

To say they are scary is an understatement , the symptoms have made me very anxious and now affecting my work and personal life. 

Thanks Andy 

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I understand your symptoms and concerns. I get ectopic beats too and had had a diagnosis of SVT in January of this year. Mine are frequent but mainly when I lie down. I can almost metaphorically feel my heart jumping. My approach is to remind myself these are not life threatening and common- more common than we realise. My arrhythmia nurse told me not to worry about them- it of course doesn't stop me from worrying!!. Check in with the Dr just to be sure, describing as you have in your post, he or she will reassure you and explore if the relating symptoms. Good luck and stay strong


Have you been to a cardiologist and had a recent holter monitor? If not then I would suggest you do that. Frequent means different things to different people, are you saying you have hundreds an hour, thousands an hour? the only way to find out how many PVCSyou are experiencing is to wear the monitor. 

It sounds like you are experiencing more pvcs during activity. That really should be looked. 


Andyj63 You need to see an electrophysiologist. He is an expert in arrhythmias. I had a loop recorder implant on April 19. I use a beta blocker---metoprolol 25 mg daily and a low dose aspirin 81 mg daily. I have not had any palpitations since October 2015 after I started taking the medication. My loop recorder will keep track of my cardiac activity. I wore a halter monitor for 3 weeks. That was in October of 2015.

I hope you get the help you need. Keep us posted.

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I get them as well in runs almost constantly. In my case they are debilitating and I get a very faint and irregular pulse as a result. Ectopics are normal but not if you get loads all the time. If yours are bad then I'd definitely ask to see an EP, as @BobJensen just said. Not a normal cardio, go to the specialist. Mine put me on various drugs to stop them and after a few failed attempts he found one, so back to normal for the past couple of years. I'm anti-coagulated as well (Apixaban). 


Can I ask what drug worked ? 


Propafenone worked and also Disopyramide, but we are all different. 


Hi Andy! You are struggling with daily symptoms that are ruining your life! The anxiety just can't be underestimated!  Only you know what it's like but you can see that a lot of us here have heart arrhythmia symptoms going on too...mine are a little different...I was diagnosed with Heart Failure 5 yrs ago and the arrhythmia came after, and in no time I was seeing an EP with the need for a CRT-D. My little swimsuit pic kinda shows where the implant is! That heart device records every PVT, SVT, and PSVT I have, all the time, and whenever I need a procedure (like an ablation) or a device tuneup--like 2 weeks ago I had a "failed" ablation--EP doc couldn't trigger the SVT-- but he tuned up my 3 1/2 yr old device and did a RT Heart Cath---In short, having an EP (electrophysiologist cardiologist) would be a really good place for you to direct some of your questions, like BobJenson said. You might get some answers and a new understanding on your condition. You might not need an implanted cardiac device like I did, and I am so glad I have mine with the defibrillator and all, but you will be taken seriously and cared for. Please pick up the phone and give it a try. We care and want to see some of your anxiety looked after in a professional, medical fashion as soon as possible! Keep us posted!


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