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Hi, I am new to all this. Over the last three years I have had 2 seizures, the first time I was rushed to hospital and had all the usual tests, then couldn't drive for 6 mths, the latest was this June. Had all the usual tests and the original diagnosis was epilepsy. The MRI and EEG tests were ok. Now after having a 24 hr Holter heart monitor the results were SVT, 15 seconds. Which might be the cause for the blackouts, but they were not ordinary fainting spells. I have been on anti depressants for almost 5 years and are decreasing them, lost 2 st In weight intentionally, now I have this problem. My GP prescribed beta blockers to take when I feel anxious etc. which is usual for me. I have felt something was "not quite right' for years, but regular ECGs didn't show any irregularities. Now, I am not panicking but am a bit concerned. Can anyone explain In simple english what all this might mean please . SVT is all new to me, is it serious?

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Hi susieb, SVT isn't life threatening although symptoms associated with the condition can be alarming. Betablockers will be prescribed to help reduce your heartrate by working to inhibit the actions of hormones like adrenaline. Please give us a call for more info 01789 867 501 or if you would like to order some info resources. Alternatively, STARS is a great source of info and help for people who suffer unexplained blackouts. Many thanks.


Thank you, that's put my mind at rest.


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