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what differentiates ectopic beats from other irregular heartbeats

I am 58 and have taken beta blockers since i was 21 for occasional episodes of irregular heartbeats- these always went back into sinus within 48 hours themselves and never had to be hospitalised or had time off work with it - more of a nuisance and restriction on lifestyle etc. Had an ablation for SVT about 5 years ago which made a big improvement but did not totally eliminate the problem. Became semi retired about 18 months ago and have lost about 3 stone in weight and do much more exercise- regular walks, jogging and also tennis - have felt so much better and no episodes of irregular heartbeat even during exercise.Generally have felt fitter,happier and healthier than for over 30 years,.As such doctor reduced beta blocker dosage by half to 25mg of Atenolol a day - this worked OK but episode occurred 3 days ago while playing tennis- played on for a bit but finished game early and since then noticed that about every 15 beats heart seems to "miss" a beat - feel a bit "off" but reasonably OK - is this ectopics? Do you think it will go back into sinus of its own accord?- note advice re caffeine and wonder if exercise is good for it or not? Any other ideas on foods/ activities to do/ avoid etc?Thinking of going back to GP for general check, advice and maybe ECG - if ectopic beats how long do episodes last or could it stay like this for a long time?- have not had any episodes of irregular beat at all for 18 months till this happened. Any advice would be much appreciated thanks

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ive had ectopics and af since18, docs took 35 year to diagnose,keep exerscising, tace calcium ,magnesium, pottassium,lots water, check if digestion, food irritating, these are harmless, but annoying .never be affraid to go to g.p or a@e thats what they there for , i brought up 4 children as single parent,sufferig from them and now all up, one even world champion sprinter for g.b 2014, keep at it ,dont panick when get them ,let them be, good luck,kevin k

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Try to google about ectopic beats you will know everything

Most of people having them , all doctors confirmed that they are harmless and no need to treat them when less than 10,000 a day unless they are causing bad symptoms

Trigger maybe anxiety, heavy meals , cold medications , stress , digestive problems ..... Try to list your triggers in order to avoid the triggers as possible

The most important thing to make sure that your heart is strong and healthy , if so don't worry and you can exercise as normal

Those ectopic beats may appear and disappear without a clear reason

I'm living with them long time back and they scare me a lot when I'm having group of 3-8 beats together

Hope you will never have that at all



Hi Maitha - I get runs of ectopic beats too, very uncomfortable and worrying, even when I am assured they are harmless. It helps to know others get it too, you can feel so alone if you don't have anyone to share the worry with. This site is great help!


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