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The echo and the MRI showed Mild LV systolic impairment what does that mean and what is the treatment ?

I am 16 year old female , I have been experiencing palpitations and dizziness , chest pain , tiredness and near blackouts and headaches since last June and only just found out what may be the cause and my question is The echo and the MRI showed Mild LV systolic impairment what does that mean and what is the treatment ? ...

Also I am a bit annoyed as well as the first cardiologist I seen was the major top dog who managed every othe cardiologist and he said he might of know what it may be this was in June and he said I will order echo , MRI and 24 hour ecg box in August 7th I had 24 hr ecg and echo done , was waiting for MRI scan to come through got a letter of the hospital for a appointment to see my cardiologist again November 22nd and still no MRI so went to see the cardiologist but I got a locam cardiologist that said the palpitations was stress and was nothing my echo showed what stated above but he said that the echo was wrong or it was a mistake and the person who wrote the notes saying what the echo showed was my first cardiologist, so he gave me beta blockers for my " anxiety " and sent me on my way. Also he was very obnoxious and horrible and told me he wasn't asking me that but with a nasty attitude so I complained...

Finally December 15th I had my MRI and I recently went to my doctors for other reasons and she told me that the MRI said what the echo said and that's before I even have seen my cardiologist and still no appointment.

P.S sorry so long :)

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Hi Katie

Well you certainly seem to have been treated badly, but it does sound like the GP is on your side, and that's an important ally. Seriously, you have a choice which cardio you see, so if the one you are seeing does not treat you well or explain things well then simply change, and your GP can help you do this.

But if you can get back in front of the top dog again, then this might help, and don't accept anyone else tell them you want him and him only.

I am sure you have googled LV systolic impairment, but the good news was the "mild" in front of it, your left ventricle which pumps blood around the body is not working great, so unsurprisngly you get giddy spells etc etc, the treatment will probably be some drugs, and frankly the sooner the better to make you feel well again, you did not say but is there any family history which explains why you have got this so young?

Get back in front of top dog cardio quickly, ask your GP for help, and I am sure you will be treated really well.

Good luck and be well


PS not medically trained in any way, so all my posts are supportive but not pleading any medical expertise.


Hi Ian my mum has server leggy ventrical dysfunction but hers it due to he being on steroids since she was 18 years old and she had also got brital Athsma , osteoporosis , brital bones and other stuff etc and on the letter it said I was seeing the same cardiologist and when I went there I got called in to see another doctor and we'll this time when ever I get my appointment I want to be definaly seeing the first cardiologist .

Also I am a bit annoyed at the doc as she told me what the MRI scan said before I have even been back to my cardiologist and didn't think they could tell you the results before your actual consultant

Thanks for reply Ian




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