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Still struggling 10 weeks post ablation

Hi. I had an ablation for atrial tachy and AVNRT 10 weeks ago. This was my second ablation. The first took me no time to recover from but this one is awful. A week after my ablation I started experiencing many pauses in my heart rate. Particularly when I went from standing to sitting. About three or four weeks ago they started subsiding but this weekend and today they are back as bad as they were. Is this likely still part of the healing? Why did they go and now they are back? I'm so fed up with feeling like this. I want my life back.

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Hi SarahMo,

I am currently considering ablation and have read different stories about it, some saying they felt cured almost immediately and others saying they struggled for a while afterwards.

All I can suggest is to talk to your GP or better still a Cardiologist about what you are experiencing. I hope they will be able to provide you with some answers.



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