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Is it Bladder Prolapse πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

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Good morning girls.

Hysterectomy hysterectomy hysterectomy,: but why??

I got this 'thing' that I've been feeling, touching inside my 'mine' since surgery and of late I realized it's moving closer to the door way of the mine. Like it wants to shut it off from light and access in or out. It's nearly half way saying 'no trespassing'.

Anyone to help me understand; is this what's referred to as bladder prolapse? My belly looks dropped into my pelvis.


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I had to have physio on pelvic floor exercise about 3 months after my operation. I noticed the same thing but consultant said this could happen that you could end up with a prolapse bladder one of the side affects after a hysterectomy for some anyway. I was due to see my consultant again but since lockdown my appointment has been delayed, after taking pictures I've noticed my bladder is coming out now. Im actually a year post operation for me it feels like something heavyweight sitting between my legs. I would speak to your gp or your consultant i was pretty lucky my consultant didn't discharge me. So through the physio I did manage to get an appointment to see my consultant...but i now have to wait for a rebook most hospitals cancelled most appointments since lockdown.

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Am so sorry Suzi73.

I managed to secure an appointment as well with my Ob/Gyn . After looking me he said there's nothing. Problem is, I hope I don't worry about it later on. Am constantly watching myself keenly.

Suzi, we'll get through this with time. God is faithful. We've come along way to let go of faith.

It shall be well.

Stay safe

Stay alive

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