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Juicy Lung's & Hyaluronan

Juicy Lung's & Hyaluronan

Sounds lovely till you look at picture AND thats when you get lunp in throat.

For quite sometime i have looked at lung tissue i have coughed up YUP not cast or bronchial plastic BUT tissue.

Not once i have ever seen cell's so obvious in coughed up in lung tissue.

Take for example pictures some have tear drop cells and others are like fish scales.

Quite a worry really BUT as its cast or is it ... am sure this nothing to worry about.

I talk of Juicy Lung & Hyaluronan .. well what i mean by juicy lung's is Hemoptysis and what is better lung inflammation or hemopthysis.

I would prefer inflammation .. anyway given Hemopthysis black picture.

That makes you think about CELL's Hyaluronan and mitosis.

So question is whats causing juicy lungs .. infection or something else.

Also can't help thinking about blood sugers and animea IS that bodies natural defence?

Gosh lots to think about SO think i might have chat TO a push doctor about my finding's .

NOTE to my self .. what part streptococcus's play in all of this

I don't know about healthy evidance BUT i do know those with lung conditions are managed on a palative basis than cure

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