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20 years of Epidemiological results and still the Politicians and Medics don`t want you to know the diseases killing 50,000 UK folk

I have daily collated and monitored the substantiated Epidemiological research results from around the world for 20 years and leading scientists have been shackled more in the Uk than most other countries.

Allow me to give you substantiated facts as to what daily ingesting PM2.5 Toxins (Nitrogen Dioxides) causes,and the pollutants are widespread and far far above EEC and World Health Organisations directives.

Cynical?? well simply search PM2.5 Particulates and Human Health and there`s your facts which Uk Politicians and Public Health England large group of Medics do not want you to know.

These are confirmed diseases directly linked to Uk Urban Air Pollution: Cancers,Lung Diseases, Emphysema, COPD,Asthma,Heart Diseases and Heart Attacks,Dementia,Alzheimers,Autism,Fetus Damage,Neurological Damage,the List goes on,How does this occur ?? once you simply breathe, you ingest these very tiny particles of dangerous toxins which lodge and remain in your lung tissue and cannot be expelled through coughing etc,they then pass into the blood stream,and subsequently create

"free radicals" which create the diseases mentioned,in other words these extremely dangerous toxins cause organ degeneration in the human body of men,women and children and 50,000 Uk citizens die annually because of Urban Air Pollution created diseases.The WHO state more than 4 million annual deaths across the globe result,and the EEC state numerous thousands across Europe also die annually.What have I done to expose this Uk scandal?? met with Blair handed him a substantiated dossier,constantly corresponded with Secretaries of State,Ministers,MP`s.Local Government organisations,Directors of Public Health,Public Health England,EEC Commissioners Uk Chief Medical Officers past and present whilst providing substantiated evidence which cannot be discredited whatsoever.The media are certainly not interested in a full investigation into the facts,so the cartel created of Politicians,Health Officials,Media sources have been blocking the conclusive facts and prefer to suggest its YOU who are killing yourselves with the way you live.Well breathing

Uk urban health is far more dangerous than all other health dangers,and the WHO now

state Urban Air Pollution everywhere is the "Number 1 highest risk" to peoples health.

So what does the Uk Government do ??they have refused for 15 years to abide by EEC Directives and reduce and take measures to restrict air pollution toxins in the Uk,so now the EEC have taken Court Action against the Uk Government with a suggested £300 million penalty.

Its a national scandal when the facts are buried along with the dead,so please do your own simple research because you have just read the truth.

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I have no idea whether this is of any interest to you:

It is a document prepared for Defra (and is on the Defra website) which goes into some detail about what you are talking about.

There are a lot of other papers dealing with chronic illness either attributed to or made worse by air pollutants, especially particulates, and many of those papers are produced by government and their agencies, for instance this useful briefing by NHS Scotland.

Although I agree that problems caused by PM2.5 are devastating and many thousands of people have had their life expectancies dramatically reduced, I am not sure I see any great conspiracy or denial or hiding of figures here at all.

Rather, what I see is a large body of opinion that agrees that it is a problem and it is damned difficult to deal with - though that has not stopped governments from trying, starting with the clean air act of many decades ago. As I said, a tragic story, but not a new one.

Other government hosted documents:

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You are incorrect in your assumptions and I regret your accepted knowledge concerning DEFRA is not accurate.

My extensive studies have included Air Pollution monitoring methods,grid references where these are supposed to indicate the truth,and DEFRA` consistent duplicity over many years on what we daily ingest.

Having cross examined at large Public Inquiries across the whole various surrounding data area`s concerning Urban Air Pollution, not one supposed expert witness has been able to dispute any of my findings.

I regret you cannot know all of my vast substantiated data files, because in this form of blog no such amount of information can be made available,however I have offered challenges to Ministers,MP`s,DEFRA,Dept of Health,Public Health or anyone prepared to debate facts not rhetoric and after 15 years still no takers.

Let me expose just one example of deliberate deception where Real Time Air Pollution

Monitoring is carried out,and this is the original declaration 15 years ago: "the air pollution monitoring station has sited away from roads,highways,and industrial sources of pollution

thereby denoting urban typical air pollution occurring".

But the "facts are this"

This open countryside monitoring site faces miles of countryside views towards a large UK National Park and is 3 miles away from several major highways,3 Motorway links

which carry 450,000 daily traffic volumes inc huge numbers of HGV`s which stop/start in an urban location in close proximity to this huge already designated AQMA location where 47,000 citizens live,and there years of appeals for Real Time Air Pollution Monitoring have been denied,therefore DEFRA cannot be trusted regarding showing the reality Air Pollution being ingested in an area where 220,000 live.

Like yourself offering DEFRA reports as evidence,that`s exactly where those Uk medical research organisations gain data for their "modelling results"

I know my subject matter on "Reality Air Pollution" and the facts that dumbing down is essential to Government at the expenses of thousands of deaths,and yes there`s another deception released from the Department of Health,DEFRA,and Chief Medical Offices that 29,000 annual deaths are attributed to air pollution related diseases when in

fact in 2010 the House of Commons Audit Environmental Select Committee under Tim Yeo as Chair released their findings that 50,000 annual deaths were occurring,which gained National Headlines on Sky.BBC,ITV news releases.

I have no facility on this site to expose the huge amounts of deception which has and is occurring,however reality my facts are once again with Public Health England and the EEC Commissioner who himself has never disputed my data but is well aware of the Uk Governments refusal for 15 years to reduce the enormous levels of Nitrogen Dioxides

which are even increasing,hence the Uk Government`s suggestion that they will even reduce or eliminate Air Pollution Monitoring in the Uk.

Call it what you want "a conspiracy,deliberate gross negligence,a scandal, a knowingly deception,but I can assure you its happening and people are dying because of those complicit in keeping the public ignorant of what they are daily ingesting and the diseases

directly linked,and the Media are also shunning its responsibility along with the Medical



I find it strange that since this is so important you post anonymously.

I am also confused about your claims of some sort of cover up or something considering that your evidence of 50,000 deaths comes from a government committee report - so not much of a cover up there then.

Also, do bear in mind that the estimate (very rough one) of 50,000 deaths is that pollution played a role in reducing life expectancy but was not the only problem.

There is a rather large leap between disagreeing with the way someone is monitoring or researching something and deciding that this is some sort of evil, fiendish conspiracy. Please post a link to your material.


Your comments, whilst interesting, are unsubstantiated. If you have data and studies, you should offer links to them. Otherwise you are expecting us simply to take your unsubstantiated word, that of an anonymous poster- Tell me why should we do that?

I would tend to agree with you that air pollution is a significant problem - not just here in the UK but across the developed (and developing) world, but your allusions of a deliberate attempt to keep the public ignorant simply do not ring true.

And speaking frankly, your commentary sounds more like a stream of consciousness rant about a particular pet peeve of yours, rather than a thoughtful and considered review informed by expertise and evidence and simply leads to sceptical dismissal of your concerns. Sorry, but there it is.


There is a rather large leap between disagreeing with the way someone is monitoring or researching something and deciding that this is some sort of evil, fiendish conspiracy. Please post a link to your material.

And speaking frankly, your commentary sounds more like a stream of consciousness rant about a particular pet peeve of yours, rather than a thoughtful and considered review informed by expertise and evidence and simply leads to sceptical dismissal of your concerns. Sorry, but there it is.

To those above posters I suggest you also commence spending years collating substantiated and conclusive evidence which allows me to succeed 100% in Public Inquiry cross examinations,involving

Government Department witnesses.who also manipulate their evidence when relating to Traffic Volumes.Toxins,Monitoring Methods,Universal Health Research Reports,and Disease caused which are almost daily being attributed to Urban Air Pollution ignored in the Uk which costs millions and more importantly daily confirmed deaths from ingesting Nitrogen Dioxides which are INCREASING even more

from Traffic Volumes and the subsequent chronic congestion on most roads and increasing rapidly according to the Highway Agency and Dept of Transport forecasts up to 2030.



This Report Presented by Dr.Paul A.Cosford presently the Director for Health Protection and Medical Director for Public Health England, responsible for the national delivery of services to prevent and control infectious diseases and environmental hazards, and Sir Howard Bernstein. Sir Howard Bernstein- Ms Alwen Williams CBE


The "top four" of tobacco,physical inactivity,excess alcohol consumption and poor diet are responsible for

42% of deaths through leading causes,

Together they account for at least £9.4 billion in annual direct cost to the NHS


Risk Factor % of total

1. Tobacco 24.3 %

2. High Blood Pressure 19.4 %

3. High cholesterol 13.3 %

4. High BMI 8.0 %

5. Physical inactivity 5.5 %

6. Low fruit and vegetable intake 4.0 %

Occupational airborne particulate matter 0.6 %

8. Urban outdoor air pollution 0.6 %

9. Unsafe Sex 0.6 %

10. Illicit drugs 0.4 %

Make sure YOU NOTE that this spurious report put Urban Outdoor Air Pollution as a 0.6 % HEALTH risk factor .


Strange that the WHO report places Urban Air Pollution as the No 1 Health Risk as does the EEC Environmental Commissioners but not Dr.Cosford.



In 2013 and 2014, our priorities will be:

helping people to live longer and more healthy lives by reducing preventable deaths and the burden of ill health associated with smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, poor diet, poor mental health, insufficient exercise, and alcohol

reducing the burden of disease and disability in life by focusing on preventing and recovering from the conditions with the greatest impact, including dementia, anxiety, depression and drug dependency

protecting the country from infectious diseases and environmental hazards, including the growing problem of infections that resist treatment with antibiotics.

What about Urban Air Pollution Public Health England Executives ???????

What about the 50,000 annual deaths Department of Health Jeremy Hunt MP ?? why the silence.

What about the Environmental impact on Health Owen Paterson MP ?? why the continued silence

Why do you never refer to Urban Air Pollution as a high risk to people Chief Medical Officer Sally Davies ??

Why do you never refer to the substantiated diseases linked to Urban Air Pollution Mr Cameron



Nitrogen dioxide concentrations throughout the UK have been assessed at urban background

and roadside locations.

What would your classify this Air Pollution Monitoring Site ???? which overlooks miles of open countryside away from roads,highways,and motorways AND people.

COUNCIL DIRECTIVE of 7 March 1985 on air quality standards for nitrogen dioxide (85/203/EEC)


Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, and in particular Articles 100 and 235 thereof,

Having regard to the proposal from the Commission (1),

Having regard to the opinion of the European Parliament (2),

Having regard to the opinion of the Economic and Social Committee (3),

Whereas the programmes of action of the European Communities on the environment of 1973 (4), 1977 (5) and 1982 (6) provide that priority is to be given to measures against nitrogen dioxide because of its noxiousness and having regard to the current state of knowledge of its effects on human health and the environment;

ALL DIRECTIVES TOTALLY IGNORED BY THE UK GOVERNMENT HENCE THE PENDING £300 MILLION PENALTY. but more importantly what about the numerous thousands who have died because of air pollution related diseases since 1985

...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................Article 12 of the Daughter Directive specifies that the EEC EEC provisions of that Directive are to be

transposed into national law by 19 July 2001. This is also the date by when the majority of the

provisions of the Framework Directive are to be transposed. The UK will begin the assessment

of ambient air quality, required by Article 6 of the Framework Directive, from 1 January 2001

to obtain a full year’s compliance monitoring data for 2001.

Monitoring of air quality in the UK is carried out through a national network of air quality

monitoring stations. Information from this national network is supplemented by information

from the widespread monitoring networks operated by local authorities.

So to those who snipe at my sincere concerns especially for children,infants,babies and fetus,do you really enjoy reading about Urban Air Pollution linked to Cancers,Strokes,Heart Attacks,Autism,Dementia,

Alzheimers,Lung Diseases ,Neurological problems,Asthma, because it angers me that on average today and every day in the Uk 137 Men Women and Children are dying in Hospices,Hospitals,Homes and

Bedrooms and no-one gives a toss in Government or those who administrate the Health and Welfare of the Uk Public.

I could fill 500 pages of substantiated facts which prove the deliberate gross negligence and avoidances by those who administrate our daily lives.

Obviously attacks on my sincerity and deep concerns after collating numerous substantiated facts indicate on this site,that apathy,ignoring the facts,and little research knowledge is contributing to

attacks on individuals like myself.Keep attacking the truth and you are complicit in what is happening,

I note many with anonymous strange names post which is fine so please do not make me your main target its offensive .


PS The last time the Uk House of Commons Audit Select Committee for Air Pollution sat and discussed this subject was in 2010 so work out the deaths since that period but maybe caring is

a non required attribute in the Uk 2014.


You say that 'WHO report places Urban Air Pollution as the No 1 Health Risk'.

Can you tell me which WHO report you are referring to?

I can't find any figures more recent than 2004, which are quoted in the 'Global Health Risks' report for 2009. There they put urban air pollution much further down the list.



"Inquiry launched 1 May 2014, written evidence invited. Deadline for submissions is Thursday 5 June 2014"


My submission in and already acknowledged



The June suggested meeting of the Select Committee was cancelled,and its suggested a future meeting will be later this year 2014.

After 4 years of ignoring this situation by the House of Commons designated Air Pollution Committee the continued delay tactics are not surprising.

I have supplied 2 Photographs of the Countryside open aspect too HealthUnlocked showing the Field where a monitoring station is situated to denote what 220,000 citizens are ingesting,which DEFRA,Ministers, PM`s, and the EEC have known about since year 2000.



If people are interested in air pollution resources the Environmental Research Group at King's College London have some nice videos and links on their site:

We also helped user test and develop the Small Area Health Statistics Unit at Imperial College London's: Environment and Health Atlas (interactive). Here's the nitrogen dioxide map, but you can also select PM10 from the drop down on the top left:

For information on health risks, click on "The Health Outcomes" factor tab on the right.


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Dear John,

Thank you for alerting me about your submission to the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC). I suspect that given the increased awareness of the issue the EAC is going to see a substantial increase in its mail bag this time round. COMEAP and King’s College London, both of which I am involved with, will be making submissions.

Professor Frank King

"How many Environmental Groups and Individuals in the UK have made submissions on this vital subject ?? Has PHE sent theirs knowing it is the No1 highest risk factor for Human Health ?


Firstly your lives are in the hands of Public England England now and its 5000 members who set Health Care priorities,and what should be done.

Secondly informs you of its priorities but (where does it refer to Urban Air Pollution on this multi page action list.??????? and the PHE`s concerns???

Thirdly I have now found one comment from PHE on their priority listings ie "Daily air pollution forecasts and measurements are available at" End of PHE concerns.

Emily Jesper posted links regarding Kings College and their interests,so I hope they will be recalling the facts and investigating the substantiated facts I sent to Professor King within their submission.

Another day today when on average another 137 will lay dying from Urban Air Pollution related Diseases.,and this pathetic Public Health England quango abandons the dying for another day.

Are they fit for purpose,certainly not, in fact they are complicit in doing nothing to safeguard thousands of Uk lives and the long list of Senior Executives need removing based on deliberate gross negligence.



You say that 'WHO report places Urban Air Pollution as the No 1 Health Risk'.

Can you tell me which WHO report you are referring to?

I can't find any figures more recent than 2004, which are quoted in the 'Global Health Risks' report for 2009. There they put urban air pollution much further down the list. See page 10 of the report below (that is, page 17 of the PDF):



As far as I have been able to find out, the 2010 Global Burden of Disease put 'ambient particulate matter pollution' at number 11 in its ranking of risk factors


There are scores of Internet Sites which refer to WHO published reports.

Similarly there are numerous sites which detail the various diseases directly linked to Air Pollution,and various sites which update you on latest finding such as Lancet.

Its difficult to miss them.there are numerous reports each week.

I correspond in recent years with one of the Worlds most respected and highly qualified Epidemiological Scientists whose facts established cause mayhem for World Governments simply because they disclose the truth about what Governments try and subdue.

Use the law, beat pollution

28 May 2014

Clean air is essential to good health and a basic human need. That’s why we brought our successful air pollution case against the UK to the Supreme Court. Now, we’re helping people use the law to campaign for healthy air.

Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for Environment said: “Air is essential for our lives. We all have the right to breathe fresh air.” EU law has recognised the need for healthy air and given legal protection to it through directives and court judgments.

We have produced “The Clean Air Handbook: A practical guide to EU air quality law” to provide individuals, groups and lawyers with a straightforward, easy to use guide to EU air quality law.

Whether you are a concerned citizen trying to find out what levels of pollution are like in your neighbourhood, an experienced non-governmental organisation (NGO) campaigner trying to influence an air quality plan for a heavily polluted city, or a lawyer trying to bring a case concerning air quality, this guide will give an overview of the relevant aspects of EU law, together with some practical tips on how they can be used effectively.

Visit the Healthy Air Campaign website.

Scientists, however, learned that diesel generates more nitrogen oxides and toxic particles that cause unwanted effects on health. The toxic particles from diesel, for instance, pass through the lungs and then enter other organs in the body which raises risks of stroke, heart attack and asthma problems. Fumes generated by diesel-powered cars also harm the brains of young children raising their risks for schizophrenia and autism.



Okay, so in March this year the WHO doubled its previous estimates for deaths from air pollution. Is that right?

I imagine governments across the world were delighted to hear that scientists and statisticians had been feeding them with incorrect data for all those years and sending public health policy off in the wrong direction.

I expect it will be some time before they change their policies to turn this ship around.


If you want to keep up to date with Public Health announcements there are a number of sites which E.Mail you each time a report is published.

Google have automatic update facility,Lancet and even, the Environmental Audit Committee email alerts for The United Kingdom Parliament where you will get an idea of what this Committee prefers to release but more importantly what they ignore.



I am sorry, but however important the actual subject is, all your comments seemed to be biased by your sense that people are hiding things and covering stuff up without any evidence to show that at all. Indeed, everything you have mentioned so far appears to be well and truly in the public domain for anyone to read.

From my very little amount of research, including talking to a Prof freind of mine, this issue is taken EXTREMELY seriously by health agencies, governments and scientific bodies.

They may not be solving the problem or combatting the issues as fast as you would like, but that does not mean there is some huge conspiracy going on.

I suspect the real reason why movement on this issue is so slow is that the solutions (which would include stopping using diesel, filtering the output of every factory on the planet and banning every open fire in houses) would cost TRILLIONS. Face it, this is going to be a very slow process, if we ever get there at all, which I doubt.;I don't think it is actually possible to solve this fully.

If you can contribute to the debate with facts and research and usable, cost effective ideas, then that is really good. But if you just lace all your comments with this sort of anti-government slurs, insulting committees, looking for conspiracies and so on, you will simply get ignored by everyone.

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