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Good article debunking the woo food bloggers / TV Stars the Hemsley sisters

who promote mindful eating, biodynamic food, bone broth and tongue scraping -

The article is in the Mail of all places

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I've never heard of them, or watched them, but after reading the report from your link I think they have a lot of very good information and points to make!! REAL food - yes, and no to processed food. Why do people have such a hard time coming to terms with that? OK I'm not into eggs laid at a certain time of the month etc, but the basic message is sound. And why is it OK to knock them because they aren't certified nutritionists?? 99% of nutritionists know diddly squat about modern nutritional science and quote the out of date dogma that the government and Big Food have trained them to spout. Yes these sisters may be jumping on to the nutritional bandwagon, but as many people that tell the truth about what we need to eat to stay healthy, the better - in my book.


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