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Seriously shocking - mother using lethal bleach to 'cure' her young son's autism

all down to this particularly dangerous snake-oil salesman

sample quote "Unfortunately, there is an ever increasing push from various regulatory bodies the world over that are attempting to shut down this product "

er - Yes, that's because it contains bleach

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I really think that there should be more control over some of these non medical type products. It seems I can just start producing a product that says it makes you younger, tomorrow morning, while pharmaceutical companies can take ten years and millions of dollars to get a drug on the market. Just add "natural" to the label and you are away. I notice this guy is charging nearly one hundred dollars for this snake oil.


Strong article from David Robert Grime earlier this year on how unorthodox treatments like these exploit the vulnerable.


That Quack is rampaging all over Africa selling that sanke oil too. He claims it cures HIV, Ebola, malaria and anything else you might possibly be suffering from. The kind of crook we exist to fight against. Unfortunately based in the USA and difficult to get to court because of their lax regulations in this area of "remedy". Join your nearest Skeptics organisation if you would like to help Sense about Science and Good-thinking get to grips with these dangerous sharks.

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It isn't dangerous - that's rubbish propaganda put out by the likes of this group as a totally unfounded scare story. I use it myself. You can spray it directly onto your skin with no ill effects whatsoever. I'll guarantee that none of the previous commenters have even tried it.

It's the same substance that is used in water purification tablets. Are they dangerous? Why have they not been banned?

I'm also disappointed that this group, self styled "healthy evidence" should allow this thread which is based on heresay and contains no evidence whatsover, including a comment from an administrator who has clearly never even tried the product. I joined this group hoping to find what it's title says "evidence". I see none here.


The Food Standards Agency in the UK ( and the US Food and Drug Administration ( have both issued alerts that drinking MMS can cause serious harm. Anecdotal evidence is not suitable for supporting claims that this solution can treat cancer, HIV, autism and other conditions.


Paracetamol taken incorrectly can cause serious harm. Anti depressants taken incorrectly can cause serious harm. Taking most medications incorrectly can cause serious harm.


Paracetamol / Ad's are regulated so you know what exactly is a safe or unsafe dose. The same is not true for MMS, which is totally unregulated, so you have no idea about it potency.

Plus paracetamol actually works, so there is an actual benefit. There is not a shred of peer-reviewed clinical evidence that MMS is good for anything other than making money.

"I'm also disappointed that this group, self styled "healthy evidence" should allow this thread which is based on heresay and contains no evidence whatsover"

Here is one piece - plenty more where this came from

Acute Sodium Chlorite Poisoning Associated with Renal Failure -



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