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Is sexual intercourse the ONLY way of catching Shingles?

I was raped by a female, she got me drunk, then did her business, I DO NOT remember  anything about it, I was only told about it later. That was the only time I have ever had sexual intercourse.  I have epilepsy, scholiosis and NF2, so stayed well away from the female form, "a different breed". This was when I was 22 I am now 59 and for the first time shingle symptoms show! And such a long time ago?

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Shingles don't happen because you've had sexual inter course. 

You get shingles in later life because you had chicken pox as a child. The herpes simplex virus lies dormant in your body and later reappears as shingles. Usually when you are under stress or your immune system is compromised. 

Hope this helps


Actually I got my version of Shingles herpes zoster, because of sholiois, my chest being deformed it makes it easy to catch the little  nerve 'devils' , the damaged nerves leading to virulent shingles. Plus not really surprisingly due to my general health I'm not exactly a picture of health and happiness


It's caused by the virus that causes chicken pox (herpes zoster), not the virus that causes herpes and can be transmitted sexually (herpes simplex).  The virus lives dormant in your nerves, and later in life, it can (but not always) come back as shingles.

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What a horrible person,

No one is "stupid" it all depends on the area you are educated in. 

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