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I just read about a lady with ra and then got addisons I had the same thing a couple of years ago and now walk around with another bag to carry all the paperwork and emergency meds. If it helps I also wrote out what to say to the ambulance service if someone has to call them - that it could be a crisis - makes me feel a bit better knowing that this is clear as people don't know as I myself would not have before I got it.

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Hiya I was born with congenital adrenal Hypoplasia salt losing (I love marmite) So steroids my daily breakfast & bedtime snacks...Yes always carry your steroid card / medic alert although several occasions I have been ignored when asking for hydrocortisone jab!!! Still alot of misinformation on Addison / adrenal crisis .

Now have RA&osteoarthritis major thing is deterioration of joints but receive excellent GP & endocrine support to fall back on....

I have learnt you can register your condition with the ambulance service although I haven't as yet! Not good at following advice whoops...

Hugs to all

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My mobile phone has a medic alert app, that lists all my medications and health conditions. It can be accessed by the paramedics without compromising any of the other stuff that I keep in there. It was invaluable in A and E before Christmas, and much lighter than an extra bag!


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