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Rose hip syrup

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Spent yesterday making our winter rosehip syrup, I add ginger and lemon to the recipe and it is just beautiful on fruit, cereal and cooked meats.

15 jars made.

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That sounds wonderful kitchengardener2. Is it easy to do?

Bit messy but not difficult. Pick rosehips when they bright red or orange and softish. Pick away from roads. I use Alys Fowler's Thrifty Forager recipe. Happy to share if you like.

Recipe from book.

Many thanks for that, I have saved your post. It looks and sounds really good. We would never pick near roads either. Thanks again. x

I like the idea of diluting the syrup with freshly squeezed lemon and fizzy water, that sounds really refreshing.

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Wow you have been busy and doesn’t this all looks attractive as it’s very organic and wholesome.

So you enjoy your rose hip syrup. 😊

Mmm sounds delicious. Especially with the ginger and lemon I remember being given a daily spoonful of rosehip syrup when I was a child- for vitamin c if I recall. I'm sure others of a certain age might remember it🤗🐰

Yes me too, think was a post war thing to boost us baby boomers up. We had a lovely district nurse, Sister Naylor who kept a check on all her families. We got National Dried Milk, orange juice, rosehip syrup and cod liver oil. The NHS was in its infancy then so we were well looked after. Plus our mums knew how to make meals stretch. I still do that today, even though I don't need to!!Happy days

Yes that all sounds familiar. We also had malt extract- a sticky concoction which I never liked. I remember that to my mum's generation, healthy eating meant fuel for the body !

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BTCCET in reply to MadBunny

We had the malt extract as well as all the others, it was called virol and I absolutely loved it😋even tried looking for it online but all you can get now is the jars in the "vintage" section on ebay😂

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MadBunny in reply to BTCCET

I loved the rosehip syrup so much I used to try to sneak extra spoonfuls😁No wonder I have such a sweet tooth 🙄

I remember back when I was growing up in the 80s and we had whooping cough and one of the doctors from the local surgery came to see us at home rather than having us go to the surgery.

Nowadays you have to be at deaths door to get a home visit!

Your rose hip jam looks lovely kitchengardener, I haven't ever tried any so I looked it up on line and at £10 a jar I thought I have to think about it a bit more before I ordered a jar..😁

Really, we picked about 3kg of rosehips, I used 3kg of sugar, two lemons and a chunk of ginger root. I have 15 jars!!

I have so many jars couldn't give me a discount for one of the smaller ones could you..please!

Where are you, got another batch to do later this month and if possible could maybe let you have one.

Pattaya, Thailand ☹.. you are so kind kitchengardener, thank your very kind offer..if I were anywhere in the UK I'd would definitely be looking forward to your next batch. 😊 X

Order confirmed 😁

Oh I see, have a go at making some, you have roses I am sure.Thailand was on my list to visit until I developed CLL and now I can only travel in Europe.

We do have roses, and I have bought many from garden centres but they don't do very well in the humidity so I've given up on them.. we had hundreds growing in the grounds where I used to live in London, I think I planted half of them..there used to many rose hips on them, but no one ever thought of using them..We did have 3 very big crab apple trees that a couple of our elderly neighbor's made jam/jelly with every year, that was nice as I used be given a couple of jars for doing all the picking for them..

Sorry for your health problems and you can't travel far as to Thailand.. I would of picked you up from the airport for a jar of you lovely looking rose hip jelly 😁

I've ordered a jar on line now, can't wait to see what it tastes like 😊

Oh bless you, maybe one day

What a lovely looking syrup. :)

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Hi kitchengardener2,

Homemade rose hip syrup/jam sounds really good. Have you tried it on waffles/pancakes? I really like the color of the jam/syrup in the jars you used. Enjoy! :-)

I use it on porridge, cereal, top pork with before roasting. Had the first this batch on my lunchtime Ryvita and banana snack, delicious!

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to kitchengardener2

That sounds good! Thanks for some ideas. :-)

Looks lovely. How does it taste? and for how many month would the syrup be usable?

Bit like honey and in sealed jars last us all year.

That sounds nice. Must taste nice drizzled on sweet waffles 😋

Drizzled on absolutely anything.

Perfect 👌

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Would members keep this on topic from now on.

Looks beautiful 💝 😍 . Hmm 🤔 do they put this syrup In any sweets ?

Suppose you could do. I use it as sweetener in puddings and when cooking pork. Have in the same way as you would honey.

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