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Dinner Tonight 6-29-2021

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Tonight’s dinner was: brown basmati rice, firm tofu, coconut sauce and a pineapple Greek yogurt. The entire meal was: 60 carbs.. It was really good and I enjoyed it. I will have to see if we will get more jars of the sauce for next week or in a few weeks next month.

What did you have tonight?

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Coconut sauce sounds like a much healthier choice than traditional sauces👍😁. I don't think I've tried it and I'm intrigued by it. Looks like you had a very healthy meal! Have a great night🙏😁.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to ZazenRiver345

Thank you Zazen! It is healthy and tasted delicious.😀👍

Have a good night, too!😀👍

Hi Leah,

I love basmati rice and you got the brown one even better. Your meal is so simple yet very healthy and tasty! 😋

How do you make your coconut sauce? I never made it before. 🤔

I’m glad you enjoyed your meals always and Thank you for sharing with us! 😁🙏

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to GreatMindfulness

Thank you, Koko. We bought the sauce and put it on the rest of the tofu and rice. It’s really good and filling. The yogurt went well with it, too!😀👍

You’re welcome Leah!

I will look up the coconut sauce because it’s a great to mix in with other dishes too I’m thinking my pumpkin dish. 🤔Definitely it’s a wholesome and very delicious dinner you have.

You always have great selections of yogurt and rotate them very well according to your dish. 😋👍

Have a good night Leah! 😇🌺

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This sounds like a lush dinner Leah 😊

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jerry

You're right! It was really good, Jerry. :-) I'll have to see what can be done next week.

The coconut sauce sounds intriguing Leah and must have been tasty as you intend to have it again!I did a leftovers concoction with the remains of a rotisseried chicken in a sauce made from a jar of salsa, sweet pepper, onion, corn and kidney beans and served it with rice. I called it Mexican chicken but I doubt that any person from Mexico would have recognised it! 🤣

Hi leaha sue and all reading your meals sound lovely in not a great fan of rice tho like it as rice pudding mam.used to make it with carnation cream, and water Yul know that she with skin on top I used to do it at the residential home a old tradition 😊I want to try black rice as it's very nutritious I do like pilau rice the type coloured with thematic I think that's the rice 🤗for some reason I always find rice and pasta make me hungry not long after many as they soak water up and continue when in our tums 🤔I am careful with coconut dishes as can be high in saturated fat but depends, we were going to go to park cafe for take away chip.butty today but it's raining ☹️I'm.having jersey potatoes for tea with chicken in a spicy crumb and garden peas I think hope you have a good day and better weather than here😸😊🙋

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CallendersgalGuest in reply to PixiesMummy_

Hi Mandy, you must let me know what the black rice is like if you do ever try it. The colour puts me off enormously. I find as I age that I only like really simple things and not too much of it! That especially applies to rice and pasta. But I do eat a little. Now a chip butty is a wonderful thing, if not too healthy, but having one once in a while must surely be beneficial to mental health? 🤣. And Jersey potatoes are one of my favourite seasonal treats, especially if you can have them with some English asparagus too!

Hi Sue we don't eat chips fried in animal fat only veg oil although industrial oil is very saturated so not often but we eat healthy chips at home potatoes microwaved then flash fried in cold pressed rapseed oil it's the only oil doesn't saturate at high temperatures we have to watch our cholestrol, yes black rice is off putting for sure 😂😻let's hope goodness and flavour makes up for it 😂

P s I think I'll feel like I'm eating insects 😬😁

I love asparagus it's good for reducing inflammation in body which can cause lots problems in body mams blood showed she had inflammation in body after her last heart attack they wouldn't let her leave until it was better result did you see my 13 a day post how to get 13 a day by lunch time 🤔well I won't be doing that often I was so bloated lol 😁🤗

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CallendersgalGuest in reply to PixiesMummy_

I hadn't seen it Mandy but that sounds challenging!

It's not that difficult fruit on morning in bowl like grapes mandarins strawberries banana avacado on toast and various veg in a omelette or even stare fry I was very bloated tho I looked it up said foods that produce too much gas 😬so I'm.goi g easy on them 😂😁

I find cabbage, lentils, peas and beans make me gassy!

How's spoilt Pixie getting on?

Baby is fine and enjoyed her gammon the other day.

Hi cat glad baby's well yes the healthy foods cause gas 😁🙀and bloatedness think I may have bread allergy too I do have slight IBS but only certain foods like orange juice and if have too many together like cabbage cauliflower brocholli, can get intestine pain pixie bit me well my material on sleeve as I was on phone to dentist, I've got jersey potatoes and nice cabbage for tea need carrots really Jerry's curry looks really good have you ever had black rice 😁😻🙋

No I haven't tried black rice but I will give it a try.

Yes I must remember I went to supermarket M today completely forgot well got nice cabbage need carrots really think have another walk out had problem with leg in supermarket bit cramp and kinda numbness in foot had a walk about quick round the store may have hurt nerve during digging 🤔🤗😻

If you check Jerry's latest curry meal he's poured it allover the black rice I must try his meal 🤗

I’ve been growing asparagus but it’s coming to the end of the season now, only two more left. This ones for tomorrow’s lunch. I didn’t know that it’s good for inflammation, and it’s also a diuretic so helps with fluid retention. Had some for lunch today with pumpkin/ ricotta /sage filled egg pasta, broccoli and sweet potato. It was a bit dry because I forgot the pasta sauce. 🙂🤔

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Rachmaninov2

One time we had pasta, we cut up some asparagus and put it scattered on the pasta with the sauce and some cheese on top to turn into a pasta pie with asparagus. It was really good. Haven't had a chance to try and do that again, but we may in a few months/weeks from now. :-)

The pasta pie sounds very good Leah. The season for asparagus is quite short so we have to make the most of it while we can. I’ve been lucky with mine this year as we’ve had a lot of rain, I can almost see it growing while I’m looking at it. I hope you are able to make your pasta pie again soon. 🙂👍

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Rachmaninov2

I may have to wait and see when it can be done. One of my neighbors has asparagus/cucumbers growing in his backyard area, so if we don't get to go pick some up from a store nearby, he may give us some leftovers for us to use. Also, like you had said, it has to do with timing and the season for asparagus. :-)

It would be great to think that your neighbour would offer you some. 🙂

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Rachmaninov2

He gave us some last year around this time, so we'll see what happens. :-)


I sometimes have pasta out a packet brocholli bits in it I add milk and more fresh brocholli and cheese and the brocholli juice 😁🙋😻tonight's tea was cabbage new potatoes chicken and beansprouts pixie had minced steak off his nana and some of my chicken ☹️😸😻

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to PixiesMummy_

This sounds really great, Mandy. I hope you enjoyed it. I like broccoli and cheese-- either in a soup or the cheese on top of broccoli florets. The cabbage, chicken and potatoes sound good, too. :-) What is the pasta made out of?

It said penne on the packet was them where there's some dried stuff in add water I don't eat them.often just store cuboard stuff incase can't be botherred lol 😂😻legs been funny today numb in foot and toes and cramp.in calf and just felt weird think may have trap nerve been over doing it on the gardens and sowed wood for mam in strange position bent back had wood on seat bench and leg that's gone off foot on it think.twisted back 😬🤔

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to PixiesMummy_

Try to get some rest and see if you can get an appointment with the doctor if you don't feel better soon.

The pasta sounds delicious! :-)

Yes I rang reception said ring at 8 if no appointments left need drop.in centre I'm sure it be ok thanks 🤗🙋😻

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to PixiesMummy_

You’re welcome and feel better.

Sorry for the delay. Just got done with my dinner now. I had a big salad and Greek yogurt tonight.😀👍

That's great you grow it I'll try remember potato flower photo Tom at mam's asparagus was 1.8o ISH in M today for about 8 pieces I can't pay that I get frozen baby carrots and got nice cabbage I like frozen green beans too I do get fresh carrots too frozen spinach cubes good too 😁🙋😻🇬🇧

Lots of nice veg there Mandy. Do you like fresh runner beans and vegetable marrow, I love them and I’m looking forward to having them again. 🙂

Oh yes mam.makes a lovely stuffed marrow my step dad used to have a allotment and grew them he dies many years ago my cat Tigger died age 6 is burried there it's a old church across road, mam puts sasage meat n herbs in it yummy, off to sleep soon need shout of pixie he's out 🙀😻🤗🙋🧡

I used to cook stuffed marrow too with mince and onions. Good idea to put sausagemeat and herbs in it. Good night, sleep well. 🙂🥱

You too 🤗😻🌜🛌

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Callendersgal

The coconut sauce is one of my favorite flavors we get for curry meals. The others are the green (spinach) and the red mild spicy flavors.

Your chicken sounded really good, too! :-)

So was the coconut sauce coconut aminos (ie like sweet soy sauce) or a coconut cream sauce?

Either way, pantry essentials 😋

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Subtle_badger

The sauce was coconut cream, but between thin and thick depending on how many pieces of coconut came out for each person's serving. :-)

I'm sure you thoroughly enjoyed your dinner last night. The coconut sauce in basmati is a home winner.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Imaaan

Yes! The brown basmati rice worked really well with the tofu and coconut sauce all on top. It's the first time to have basmati brown rice together for this type of meal for us. :-)

Sounds like an awesome dinner Leah! The coconut sauce to me seems like the star of your meal lol 😅😅 It's a very healthy dinner

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Kainan_li

Thank you, Kainan_li for saying that about the sauce. It brings out a lot of flavor for the rice and firm tofu. It was the first time using it with brown basmati rice, so it was a nice surprise when everything was ready. :-)

you're welcome :) I've never even thought about it before. What does it taste like? Is it sweet?

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Kainan_li

The sauce isn't that sweet, but it's dark-light coloring for the shade of orange. It isn't too thin or thick so it won't run on its own. It has shredded coconut pieces in it. :-)

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