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My breakfast is made up of two or three types of fruit which vary and I cut into small chunks. Topped with a couple of spoonfuls of wheat-free muesli with added nuts and seeds. I then add a mixture of Cocoa nibs, Maca powder, ground Ginger and Turmeric and Spirulina powder. Then a couple of spoonfuls of plant-based or fermented-dairy yogurt and a teaspoon of honey. Yummy.

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Hey Faith33 your breakfast sounds delicious and healthy so nice one. 😊

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star

What a great way to start the day


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My partner eats something very similar - nice and filling 🙂

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Faith33 in reply to Cooper27

Yes, I like to have a hearty breakfast. Such a mixture certainly gives my gut some of that diversity we are urged to create for our immune system.

Good morning Faith33, Please could you tell me what Spirulina is? I’m afraid that word is not part of my vocabulary. 🥴

Hi Biomet, I had to look it up myself, it's been so long that I have been using it and I didn't want to get confused. It is an algae that has many nutrients that could be lacking in our diets. It is dubbed a superfood. It may be beneficial against cancer and inflammation. It is an antioxidant. It comes as a very fine green powder. I find it is Sainsbury or Tesco in a packet with other packets of superfoods like Maca or Goji berries. Or in health food stores. I could write more as it is full of great things our body needs. I add less than a quarter teaspoon into my breakfast. Let me know if you chose to try it. Good luck.

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to Faith33

Just going to tag Biomet so they see this response :)

I think there's a glitch on the site.

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Hi Faith33 Your breakfast sounds really yummy.

Zest :-)

Good morning Faith33, Have just read your reply and it is an interesting one. Who knew?? And to add that you only get to use so little. To dear Hubby who buys the groceries he will look at me as if it’s something weird and ‘Here we go again!’ Poor soul.

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