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Are you having problems downloading photos?

Hi everyone,

As some members have been unable to post photo's for a week now I feel we need to help find the scale of this issue so please say if you have and if you found a way around it.

I had an issue 2 weeks ago and noticed others were posting photo's so restarted my pc and it was fine, I use OS X on all my devices. So I don't know if the current problem is affecting Windows mainly.

The photo is of a nuthatch feeding off a post and I was really surprised as I'd just put some wild bird food on the post and was only 3M away and this little bandit swooped in...

Here's another one I took a few weeks ago for those of you who like nature photos:

So please say if you're having issues downloading photos and we will try and help get it resolved.

Thank you,

Jerry 😊

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I have a Windows 10 computer and so far, I can do pictures when on it. I use IOS/Safari for my IPHONE and pictures.

How are you?

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Yes I am Jerry and I know of others to, not getting any responses from Healthunlocked.

Being able to upload pictures is an important part when you have new meals to show, its not the same without a picture :<

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Hi Debs, I'm having problems today it just says there's a problem and like you say no photo no post so there is a problem.

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There certainly is Jerry, let's hope it gets sorted

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Hi Debs, interestingly I took some photo's with my camera and my phone and I can't publish the ones taken with my camera but the ones with my fine are fine.

So here lies the problem and we may have to make our photo's taken with camera's like ours smaller.

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Hello Jerry, I can not upload photos from my phone either

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This is interesting Debs and I'll try another from my camera again. I'm really sorry that you're having these issues and its by talking about it that we will hopefully help get it remedied.

I use Waterfox V and since about 10 days ago I cant see any pictures or some gifs.

Tried on Fire Fox Developer V 66.0b9 and everything works but I cant source the code thats blocking Waterfox . Tried rolling back to a month ago and the problems the same with the older web browser. Think its something in the Aurora code.

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