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TED talk worth watching

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I can thank Activity2004 for bringing the existence of this forum to my attention. After a few months of coping with the dietary implications of type 2 diabetes diagnosis, I have become a little angry and a lot more critical of the crazy way our manufactured food industry worldwide seems to have duped us by careful and misleading labelling of foodstuffs, and I have been dismayed at how the regulatory authorities seem to be blind to the lies and misleading statements made by the food industry. I wish to share what I consider to be a remarkable TED video which starts by advising us that if we want to cope with type 2 diabetes we need to forget everything we have been taught in the last few decades. Enjoy.


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If the video link doesn't play a video please search Youtube on "Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines"

You can play here.


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JerryAdministrator in reply to Praveen55

Thank you Praveen, 👍

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Thank you for posting this for everyone. I know being a Diabetic can be hard sometimes. I’m a type 1 Diabetic. I eat a low carb high protein and gluten free diet. This helps keep the numbers even through the day and evening hours.

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Hi there, it must be very frustrating developing type 2 diabetes as we as a society have been taken in by slick advertising and are now paying the price health wise and processed foods have a lot to answer for. The good news is that type 2 D can be reversible as is obesity with a good diet and by raising awareness of obesity and diabetes hopefully we can help guide people to healthier lifestyle choices in the first instance so they make changes/better choices before they have to.

The secret to me is to change our relationship with food so we see it as our fuel, no one would burn green or wet wood in their fire as it would smoke them out yet we whack something in the microwave that is devoid of nutrition and makes the consumer under nourished and over fed, which's a recipe for disaster and the disaster is obesity and type 2 diabetes...This change of diet and attitude has to be coupled with exercise and you've already taken that road so hopefully we will see the tide turn for you.


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Praveen55Star in reply to Jerry

Fully agree with you. Diabetes, in particular T2D ,is about forming a new relationship with food.

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Hi Mercmancouchto5k

Wishing you the best for your health and well-being, and hope you have a really good day. The final day of 2018, and hopefully 2019 will have lots of great things in store for us all. :-)

Zest :-)

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