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What should i do with vegetables

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Hi, im an adult woman 31 yo. Been vegan a couple years ago but only for 6 month. And now im trying to avoid a lot of meat also dairy food. And took more fruit and vegetables. But, i found that a lot of vegetables n fruit contain pesticide or whatever which is everytime i ate a lot of vegetables, i got stomach and strugling with gastric pain. I feel unhealthy. This is so confusing for me

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you could buy organic fruit and veg that dont have pesticides if you could afford them.

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Some veg and fruit have more pesticides than others, so some are worth buying organic. This article gives you a list and also ways to reduce the amount of pesticide.


Your gastric pain may be due to a problem with certain veg or fruit, rather than a problem with pesticides. You could try keeping a food diary to see if you can identify any triggers.

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Cherlyne in reply to Penel

Thank so much Penel for the list. And yes i will try keeping a food diary. Xoxo

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TheAwfulToad in reply to Penel

I agree. Pesticide residue is a problem (although it's theoretically controlled to 'safe' levels) but it's highly unlikely to be the cause of your discomfort.

Apart from a specific intolerance as per Penel's post, another possibility is the larger amount of resistant starch in (for example) beans and oats. The word 'resistant' means it's less likely to be snipped apart by your body's own enzymes and has to be digested by appropriate intestinal bacteria first, and you may or may not have an adequate number of them. Some vegetables (eg., garlic, onions, artichokes) contain inulin, which has a similar metabolic fate. Bottom line is that all of these can cause bloating and discomfort as you first start to eat larger amounts of them, but you'll soon adapt.

Oh this information about enzymes sounds new for me. Good to know this. Thanks for sharing tho. Oh and yes hopefuly ill soon adapt.

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PenelModerator in reply to Cherlyne

If you don’t adapt, perhaps have a look at FOMAPs in foods. Different fruit and veg have different types of fibre/carbs in them (like the inulin) which can cause digestive problems.



Presumably it turned out to be nothing too serious ...?


Yess i know right. Had same some stories. When i was a kid, id like ate tomatoes, ate a lot of tomatoes wont gave me any problem at that time. But 25 years latere, i ate a lot of tomatoes, and i got vomit like for 3 hours

Did you see any farmer say they feed their animals exclusivley organic / non-GMO produce?

If you want to avoid pesticides and other harmful products then "vegetables" are far better than animal products! Remember animals eat those same "vegetables" and on top of that they are fed anti-biotics and other drugs.

Penel's idea of checking agaist FODMAP makes a lot of sense in case you have food sensitvities. Otherwise always wash your non-organic veg, and peel carrots etc.

Try drinking kombucha. It helps restore the guts healthy bacteria and aids digestion. I used to get bloating and was forever burping, lactose intolerant very hard to avoid whey as it’s in everything, but this has stopped since I started drinking a small glass of kombucha in the morning. You still need to investigate the stomach issues but a dose of healthy bacteria everyday can only help.

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