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Acryamide and asparagine levels in common foods

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I've just been listening to the news that cafes in Caifornia are now having to warn their customers about the levels of acryamide in their coffee. Apparently the roasting process of the coffee beans is to blame. Counter intuitively, the darker the roast and the fresher the coffee, the lower the levels of acrylamide. As I was finding this out, I came across the fact that acryamide is also in bread, mostly in the crust and mostly in the whole grain types rather than the white types. Asparagine is also present, which is another cancer causing agent currently in the news. Bread has never been specifically mentioned before though as containing these toxic substances. The emphasis has been on fried and char grilled foods. Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on this or could add any more information.

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I meant to say acrylamide......oops

Hi MeTeeCee, this is interesting and we've been warned of the dangers of eating burnt food especially starches so here's what the FSA say about it:

FSA scientific report:

To me its about minimising risks and if we prepare good quality foods properly the advantages far out weigh any negativities in my opinion. So to me its keeping things in perspective and making the healthiest life style choices for us.

Jerry 😊

That;s interesting, thanks MTCee!

I usually buy organic FT coffee beans, but this issue's to do with the roasting process, & something to be aware of. I've recently started drinking coffee black so that I can better appreciate the quality, & have swapped to lighter more delicate tasting beans.

As with tea, most coffee benefits are lost when milk is added.

I cut out the bread two years ago as it’s always caused me bloating and yeast issues. Neurologist diagnosed me with gluten intolerance with a host of other food allergies. Coffee started heartburn so I switched to loose teas. My body finally said, I’m done, to toxic overload. I wish I had listened sooner!!

Not going to stop me drinking coffee.

No me neither 😋

I suppose it helps to know about it, but we can't avoid all toxins in our environment. It's a bit like how our bodies need sunlight on our skin to make vitamin D, but the sun also ages our skin, can burn it and cause cancer....and yet we all love a sunny day.

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