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Artificial sweeteners induce glucose intolerance by altering the gut microbiota?

Looks like the massive consumption of sweeteners needs to be debated. A study published in the journal Nature shows a connection between the use of sweeteners and a higher risk of developing glucose intolerance - when the body does not produce enough insulin - first stage of diabetes . The conclusion of the study is controversial, they say that instead of helping, sweeteners may contribute to the epidemic of the diabetes.

The main part of the study involved testing in mice that developed glucose intolerance after eating sweeteners. To find out why this happened, the researchers studied the effects of substances on the intestinal flora of animals.The animals that ingested the sweetener had changes in the composition and function of the intestinal flora.

Sweeteners are toxic to some micro-organisms or cause some to grow more than other (healthier) ones? Changing our natural digestion?

In humans the researchers analyzed data from consumption of sweetener by 381 nondiabetic volunteers and, again, the relationship was found between sweeteners, glucose intolerance and changes in microbiota. Seven volunteers received large doses of saccharin for seven days and 4 showed glucose intolerance and changes in intestinal flora.

Scary stuff if this study is reproduced and turns out to be real evidence!

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Never used them, never will. What is the point of chemically replacing something that nature provides naturally?

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The problem is that all the people that have been raised on processed foods have been addicted to the sweet taste you develop over time. It takes time to get used to things not so sweet, like it does to get used to things not so salty. That's an interesting study. All I know for a fact is what I experienced- when I started cutting back on sugar, I still wanted my only real vice- some ice cream. So I started buying the Splenda sweetened ice cream, and found out why it's not the thing to do- mercy me, I had the runs!! Really ugly. So now I make my own in a little Cuisinart ice cream maker and use some stevia. And I don't eat it nearly as often as I used to. Wondering if stevia alters gut flora as well.


Thanks for posting this - the more people become aware of what unnatural foods can cause the better!


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