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Night walking and my encounter with an alien...πŸ‘½

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Hi everyone,

I love a walk in the evening especially when the air is nice and crisp and there's high pressure so I can see the stars clearly. This is one of my favourite spots at night as I can see across the River Severn to Glos all lit up at night and twinkling away.

I've always found looking at cities from afar and at night wondrous, because you know the frenetic hustle and bustle that's going on yet you're far enough away not to be part of it so there's a peaceful serenity to just watching the lights of the city.

You can tell its an alien by its laser eyes and I'm sure it said not ewe again...πŸ˜‚

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Hi Jerry

"Now Ewe See Me" - very bright eyes on that lovely sheep. I bet he or she was surprised to see you out so late!

The lights looks really nice, twinkling in the distance.

Zest :-)

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Thanks Zest, there are LED street lamps beside this field and its weird because there's often a small groups grazing under them, regardless of the time and I've never seen that before so they may well be aliens...😊

in reply to Jerry

I believe they are... or maybe just cousins from long long ago & far far away.

Love your humor... up up & away

in reply to Mottsie

Thank you Mottsie. 😊


Lovely to see the view at night Jerry. Not ewe again lol I bet the alien thought you were baaarmy going up there at night ! 😁

Thanks Ali, you're right they do think I'm baaarmy...LOL πŸ˜€

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