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Living on the edge...of town 🌲

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Hi everyone it's me again LOL, this afternoon I went for a walk and these are my neighbours gardens and for some reason we all like trees and you can see from this how the forest wildlife see our gardens as their territory.

I think that the April showers with the added recent warmth have made the forest really come into life. I was taken by the light so snapped a quick pic as moments like this can be fleeting.

The pink cherry tree down by the river is the one I photographed at night and posted on here.

I love what Mother Nature has to offer...🌲

Jerry 😊

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Thats really special Jerry, what a wonderful place to live πŸ˜€

Thank you Debs, I was warned that I’d get woodpeckers in the garden and I do but are they perishers at being photographed. πŸ˜€


Mother Nature is beautiful & so is your photo. Thanks for sharing Jerry. Granni B

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Jerry in reply to Mottsie

Thank you GranniB, Mother Nature sure is the best and the boss. 😊

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Beautiful Jerry. I love all the different colours. Thank you for sharing it, your photos are great! πŸ™‚

Hey thanks Ali, I love all the colours of the trees too. 😊

Hi Jerry

Beautiful trees - I love the pink and orange ones. Very nice.

Zest :-)

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Jerry in reply to Zest

Me too Zest that orange leafed tree is delightful. 😊

Really enjoying your area photos, Jerry. Amazing how quickly and changeable weather in a given area can be. Think you may live in England? Loved our trips there and this photo reminds me of our country drives on various visits. Thank you for sharing.

Hey that’s great and yes I do live in England FlowerPreciousLover I’m glad that you enjoying visiting the U.K. 🌈😊

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